Roland’s Zen Beats program for Windows

UPDATE: It seems you have to go to the store, after the installation to download the content, and I downloaded the content, and it says it’s installed, and still no sound. I need to get off this high that I’m on, watching the tutorial videos for ZenBeats, cause I can get no sounds.

It might be fitting my workflow
But I have no sound, to find out.

Zen Beats

Zen Beats
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I downloaded this, cause I need it laid out in one screen, cause the menu diving in Akai MPC devices, is maddening for me, cause I can’t use virtual memories, is using my memory spaces, and my memory management skills is non-existent for me.

This laptop crapped out with sound with the Reaper DAW, and I wanted to see if I could get sound back… but to no avail, I suspect with several large gigabytes files with AI and AMD downloads, the sound stopped working.

That’s when I took the stance of anti AI… cause it was going to fast for me, and others… the common people, and it was becoming like a thief, without ethics.

Roland’s Zen Beats is a free trial version for now, but I’m using the windows realtek sound, which is a software translator for sound. I spent my time with audio hardware when I was younger, and I saw there was a new hardware piece every months… so I got out of that, in the beginning of the new millennium, cause it only got worse.

Well, this is the video that inspired me to use another tool for my workflow search… and it was free, but I can find out if it will work, but I have no sound, to find out.

The MPC platform has to setup an interface app with, not geared to MIDI users… cause it’s connected to Audio Samples too, which is linear based… it should be geared to an easier transition of workflows… for the old school based minds, that was taught on digital audio workstations… like me.

Linear, to becoming a computer with RAM limitations, and having to use your brain hardware… I’ve downloaded the recent Realtek Drivers, and I’ll try to see if that solves my sound problem.

I installed the new drivers from Realtek, and still no sound from Zen Beats, and this is a link to how much it costs to unlock it, and I don’t want to spend more money in my search for my workflow, this is the FREE version, and maybe it’s too limited to learn it, with NO sound…

I need to solve this, there must be a bug in the interface, and it wants a professional hardware using ASIO drivers… It’s a basic laptop and using Realtek drivers.

There must be a way to make it work on this laptop… youtube works and media files work too, only digital audio workstations don’t work, well I stand corrected, cause Studio One6 did have sound… and a whole host of other DAWs work with sound being there too.

But I run into problems with Roland, and Boss, and now Zen Beats… so I’ll have to move it to another laptop, and see if there is sound on it there… I think it’s hackers, and they set it there with a virus.
I wish I knew coding, but I understand it, and how it works, but I don’t know the digital languages, and I don’t have the time to learn them.

I’m like the Renaissance Man, know a little about everything, but master nothing… I’m harmless.

So, I’ll dabble in this with Zen Beats and the sound bugs… but I’m no longer taking it seriously… unless they stop the monthly fees, and make peace with Open Source code… it’s a nightmare, with all the virtual wars, and physical wars going on.

Reaper was an open source code app… makes me think Fees Based coding wars, with Open Source coding wars… it’s just a conspiracy now, in my mind, but it could be truer than true, in the future.

I like the interface, and it looks good, but I can get no sound off of it… but I want to get it working like it should, to see if it works for me…

Heck, I’m just leaving links to it… so you could try it, and you might get sound off of it… and this is a playlist of Zen Beats and tutorials… only 2 videos now.