Recruiting or Brainwashing?

— Recruiting or Brainwashing? The youth that has been fooled. —

This is taken from Journeyman Pictures


I watched this with disgust, I saw truth killed and murdered over and over again, with an ideology that was magnified as the truth, which was like a madman dressed as the truth, and spouting off lies, and killing others, because they didn’t agree with him.

Much like the gunman massacres going on in the schools today, they think getting rid of guns will make it better, it’s the lies that you tell yourselves, that kill people. The gun is the tools that you use in enforcing your delusional thinking, it’s the lies that kill people, not the bullets.

The lie is the one to pull the trigger… and once the trigger is pulled, you can’t go back. It’s more delusional thinking to defend your actions, that you start believing in your delusions.


This attacking of the young with delusions, is making some angry young men, when they find out they were deceived, they will come back on you with a vengeance. Ideologies are deceptive, but truthful at the same time, it’s like a whirlpool of death.

Which brings up the analogy of the Flush of life, which I’ve been thinking about more often than not. Ideologies that promote death over life, and that jihadist ideology, is a dark ideology.

An individual jihadism, where you judge yourself, instead of others, and is more holier than the beheadings of a thousand armies. The individual beheading of yourself, with changing your minds, and recognizing the wrongs that you’ve done, is more holier than anything else you can conceive.

It’s your salvation that you speak up for what’s right, rather than cower behind false truths… like patriotism, nationalism, governments, and religions, and not the truth of God.


Religions are humanity’s creation to witness of the great spirit that fills this world with life, which many of you find confusing to say the least, myself included, but throughout history the message hasn’t changed, don’t judge others, rebuke their wrongs, but don’t judge them.

The daesh is judging others, mercilessly, and all the while they’re praising God. The U.S. and the Russian govts think it is alright to bomb them mercilessly, but they’re becoming them in their actions. I think that putting a stop to all this madness, this senseless aggressions and not defensiveness. Defensiveness, the violence is justified, but in aggressiveness, it is not.

God is not a murderer, and takes no pleasure in death. When there is a new birth there is reason to celebrate, but death is a time of mourning, especially violent deaths. These eggs that are laid in the mind’s of children will eventually hatch and be productive or stillborn… but the truth will accompany them, it takes a clear mind to recognize the truth through the emotional cloudiness of the waters of life.


“Emotions make what you search for cloudy,… from the silt that you disturb in the waters of life.”