Rant on Love : Spiritual and Physical

— Rant on Love —

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Sex and Love, I thought of last night, and had a time getting out of bed and facing the day, cause of what I said about them being separate last night.

Love is spiritual and sex is physical, for two physical beings to commune in love, they have to have sex. Where they exchange their spiritual properties within each other, through sex, making two flesh, one.

So separating the two is not my purpose, one is lust and unfeeling on the spiritual level, and one is spiritual, and that is love. The one you have sex with feels deeply on the spiritual level, and you commune with as one physically with sex, where two flesh become one. We need to understand the principle that’s been called commitment, and marriage.

Or we are a world of whoremongers and whores, it’s like an uncontrollable array of orgies. Some people like orgies, so I wouldn’t put past them, if they found joy in the establishment of that mentality, but I see it as the darkside of mankind. We all have a darkside, that is the nature of man.


The principles of God’s Love

The reasoning ability to understand the principles of knowledge, is the light side. The confusion is the darkside. That’s my understanding as of 2/5/15, but that could change tomorrow. I once thought of God as a mean old man in the clouds, before I realized God was real, and a spirit, and is mysterious, as life itself.

We won’t know God until we die. If you don’t believe in God, then I feel sorry for you. When you die, you’ll feel like a stranger in the presence of God. Behave like childless child…much like a kid who was spoiled, and now has to learn about life on your own. Which my guess is,  that you’ll go back into another life.

If you are an atheist to live forever and never learn, remember this world will pass away at some time. Prodigality will pass away too. We all want mercy to last beyond prodigality.


Understanding the spirit

I don’t know what spirit is, I have my suspicions of what it is, since it is in us, my existence is my link to it. Since God is spirit, I know God is in us. How do we quantify spirit, measure spirit?

I tend to think every time we try and measure something made by God, is detrimental to the spirit that connects us with God. Like David counting Israel for battle, in those days God was a sadistic mean God, he wanted to condemn all of Israel for what David did…he counted the number of individual souls. God had a very immature problem back then, God thought fear would teach.

Fear only brings terror to power, but God repented and saw God’s errors. If you think, I’m sacrilegious, then you need to read your bible. God made a new covenant with Israel, a new agreement with a nation that was retarded in my opinion. Oh I forgot retarded was a No-No word, mentally challenged is the right word to use.

They were all feared out, burnt to a crisp mentally.

Jesus came with the new covenant, but you killed him like you did with all the prophets, with a message that you don’t want to hear… which is basically the truth.


Blind Muslims and Hearsay

God looked down on prideful people, but God is prideful in the old testament, but God is loving and kind in the new testament with the new covenant. Mohammad was God’s other prophet that hung on to the old testament values, the only thing he turned away the people from glorifying Jesus as an iconic teacher. That was deified by the Catholic church of Rome, he was about 600 years after Christ, so any judgments by him were by hearsay. In fact, every religion we have learned of, is by hearsay.

What is hearsay:

hearsay (usually uncountable, plural hearsays)

  1. information that was heard by one person about another
  2. (law) evidence based on the reports of others rather than on personal knowledge; normally inadmissible because not made under oath
  3. (law) evidence: an out-of-court statement offered in court for the truth of the matter asserted; normally inadmissible because not subject to cross-examination, unless the hearsay statement falls under one of the many exceptions


The Truth about Love

We have to ask ourselves if we are true to ourselves, then why do we follow what others say about ourselves, when we are best to know about ourselves than anyone externally related. We know what we feel more than anyone else, we are more capable of lying to ourselves too, but we would have only ourselves to blame for the lies. Well, the devil most likely lied first, and handed off to us and we ran down the field claiming we had the truth/football, but the fumble put it into another’s hand who thought they had the truth too.

It’s been that way throughout my whole life, where the devil takes a morsel of truth, and leavens it up to where it rises and expands into lies. Those lies make up all religions that are practiced today. Or I should say organized religions. Where the world is in charge of it’s formation. It’s riddled with untruths and errors.

The discernment is a nightmare… and a big time waster.


What religions speak of Love

Well I started this rant on Love, and this attack on organized religions is out of love. Hopefully you find the one true religion with your God. Cause God is real, and communion with your God is a nightmare too. Depending on your religion or faith. My faith is a Christian it preaches forgiveness and mercy through love. The Jewish faith is along those lines too, and the Muslim faith is along those lines too.

It’s the teachers,preachers, of those faiths that you have to watch out for. Cause there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing, that distort the message for their own agendas.


Making Love is a Scam

There are many other religions too in this world, and the one common virtue is Love. That’s the one common theme in every religion on this planet. That along with truth, but truth is looked down upon. Cause it’s sets you free from the cages of deceptions. Without love was said by Paul in the book of Corinthians 13, “but do not have love, I am nothing.

And I believe that line wholeheartedly.  I don’t get sex when I want to, and that’s why I have a hard time equating it with love. I have all the love I want spiritually, but sexually I’m a beggar. Also, I get a lot of affection though, from some people, which is physical to make up for the starving in the sexual dept.

That’s why I’m so dead set against on agreeing on the the whole “making love” scenario equated with love. Which brought up this whole spiel on the nature of love, that brought up God and religion too. Without love not anyone would be here. Which would make this statement, more truthful than it’s ever been before.

Animals have sex and breed, but they don’t have a cognizant love. Where they understand it on principle. Humans are the only ones that have the conscious ability to think about knowledge, and understand it. I shouldn’t say that, cause I can see love in dog’s eyes, therefore I can see love in a cat’s eyes too. I can see love in a horse’s eyes. In fact, I can see love in all animals eyes, so I know there is a being in there. Let’s just say that they’re not on my level of cognition.


Conclusion of the subject of Love

This turned into a long rant… and there were many things not discussed.

I’ll have to rant on the spirit one day. Cause with every rant, I experience a learning how to articulate the gems in my being.