Quotations, Real or Not ?

— Quotations, Real or Not ? —



Quotations are misattributed daily with the world today. The quotes may be wise or any fool could’ve said them, and choose a famous person to be attributed to saying it, but they never did.

That is the world today on all the social media sites out there. People giving their gibberish at whims, which would be more like the rubbish bins overflowing, and the trash covering the streets…  on the information’s super highway.

I’m glad someone confronted the subject with a little humor involved, I just write serious boring tedious stuff and show videos off of youtube. John Oliver is stupid every once in awhile, but his subjects deserve the mocking that he does to them.

I even misquoted people, and felt like a fool, when I found out that I was pranked into believing that they said it.

A little shame goes a long way to saying the truth, the thought is the most important part of the message, where it came from, is an ego thing. We all know the ego lies beyond its control.

When you’re conceited you lie like a sieve, omitting the facts that paint you darkly, and makes you shine brightly and falsely, or it can be blatant lies that depict you ridiculously false, and it seems comically entertaining.

I get sick by misquoting of people, because the ego takes the stage and steps before the thought or message.

It’s distracting, to say the least, it’s the thought or the message, that should be the main focus.


“A wise man learns by the mistakes of others, a fool by his own.”

— Latin Proverb