Quantum or PC/Mac?

— Quantum or PC/Mac? —


The talk of Quantum Computers being faster than a PC/Mac, is a load of hogwash, they offer a faster way of deciding over thousands of individual solutions, but they must be specialized applications.

There are supercomputers that we don’t know about, it’s in the govt’s control, when they get bored with them, they’ll introduce it to the people.


“Supercomputers will achieve one human brain capacity by 2010, and personal computers will do so by about 2020.”

— Ray Kurzweil

I guess Ray Kurzweil is off his mark, or he might be on his mark, we don’t know what’s public or common knowledge yet.

He’s looking for the technological singularity, he’s looking for it at the expense of others…what I mean by that, he wants you to find it. He’ll cheer you on in looking for it, but when we find it, will we be pleased or live in fear, from the singularity.

If we want to find it, and when we find it, will it be something to control or something to control us?

I’m not into the Terminator or Matrix scenes of the movies, but I’m not afraid of looking for the technological advancements. The only thing is precautionary technological advancements should fall into line with guarding against those movie scenes from coming true.

I often get excited of a new way of doing things, and don’t see the future beyond the horizon, like the Y2K debacle…or maybe it was planned that way, to push the fear factor.

I can see the quantum computers used for business decisions, and such, rather than weeks you can decide in hours or minutes. It offers 1000’s of solutions to choose from in an hours or minutes , that it would take weeks if not months on a PC/Mac.

I don’t understand the design of the qubits, with many value variables, but I’m not a programmer and don’t understand the algorithms or equations, that make up the formulations of this supercomputer.

I’m marveled as all of society is.

But I’m not afraid to question it, cause I’m riddled with questions.