Push a button and stop govt

The school year begins for me when others end their school year. Today I go back to school and learn about WordPress, and next month I take a basic electric class filling the gaps of understanding that make me feel uncomfortable about wiring on my own…except speaker voltage.

I’ve been in school my whole life, I just don’t remember things, and have to review it again, and again…. repetition has a way of making you remember… or brainwashing whatever you like to call it.

Sometimes we brainwash ourselves to believe we need a state, I call that brainwashing in the classic sense. We need to wipe the acceptance of corruption out of the govt, that brainwashing is acceptable to me. The State has a brain, and it needs a washing. Revolutions only create dust to be sucked in the hose of a vacuum of power, which leads to more revolutions and brainwashing, the generations of people.