Powerful Leader

— Powerful Leader… what my name Richard means —


I‘ve like this guy Jason’s videos… it scripted talks, but he seems like he is talking from the heart. He gets so passionate that his emotions have an effect on me and him.

Talking about leadership, that’s what my name means. It must be they came up with that meaning after King Richard the Lion Hearted, it’s the only thing I could relate to the meaning.

Though I’m more like Richard III that Shakespeare wrote about, I looked into why I have a fear of Roses… it must be Shakespeare. Though I haven’t read the whole story, but I fast forwarded to where King Richard III spoke and from what read, he spoke publicly the way I speak to myself.

Well, whatever it is, I’ll find out in the end.


He talks of a good leader distorting reality, and making you believe it… I beg to differ if it’s presented as that, I only see him/her as great propagandist fooling the public to achieve their ends. I see his point and agree with him, but not the way it’s presented. The original hallucination is like the first whisper in the link from God, if you’re not religious, you can choose another name of what you call it.

It’s like the game of telephone, where you play God and the first whisper is quickly distorted by the next person…and by the time it returns to God, God says “WHAT, I never said that”.

My views of the end of the world… God, says “I never said that, you only assumed/hallucinated/distorted I said that”.



It only serves the speaker’s goals, if there is any self gain in the speakers hearts, then it is questionable.

He/she may talk all noble and innocently, but the laying in the shadows what he voices may be or not be so noble and innocent. They might have another hidden agenda, so beware… be aware.


If Trump gets elected, then I feel sorry for this country… he is a classic denier, saying something stupid so to not admit he’s wrong.

What if he starts World War III with saying something stupid, and then he goes into turtle mode under his hard shell of pride, while the bombs blow up around the world?

I would like him fired for all the others he fired in his life.

That’s the reality of justice, but if you want a distorted reality… who am I to say you don’t deserve it, I only speak for myself, and I never get what I want.

I live in a bland world, full of trials and errors galore… which is what you live in too.

I guess I could’ve done without this last paragraph.