Patronization : Polite or Phony

— Patronization : Polite or Phony —


I’m all for politeness, when it’s heartfelt and sincere, but I’m against it when it has an agenda, and the devils and demons lay underneath the cloak of patronization cursing at the core, while smiling in politeness.

I had my bout with politeness and patronization in the UK in 1983-84 and 1988-89. When they had no problem with lying, and brushed it off, as if they were saying the truth, the cloak of patronization doesn’t make you invisible.

It’s only is a politeness to the extreme.

Which is good when it serves all, like the letting pedestrians cross the road, another good thing, I took away from the UK.

Growing up in NYC where everyone was in a hurry to get to the next thing, it was refreshing to have a driver flash his/her lights for me to cross, I later learned, it was against the law to not let me cross, and I thought it was heartfelt action. It was a law that made them do that, well maybe it was a law that made them do that, but I’m sure some of them had a heartfelt moment, cause I waved them on, and they refused, and wanted to watch me roll on across the street.

Patronization is good when it’s heartfelt, but a boiling piece of shit, when it’s not.


I saw a news report on the Yemeni bombing by the Saudi Arabia govt, and the press in the audience giving praises like a run of the mill patronization factory, it was obvious that he said the things to be polite, which inflamed my patience, or lack of patience. I saw it as phony, but he had to say it, as a formality to magnify his position before the camera.

Humankind is as lame as me, and I have a physical disability, but my character is healthy. Some find me rude and crude, which I agree with, but meaning to be polite and phony with formalities, is not my cup of tea, another thing I got from the patronization nation.

I’m blunt however rude it is in your mind, I won’t lie, though I’ve been a liar a better part of my life, but when I stopped fearing the truth, I found my life was much better. It actually set me free… so there’s truth to the rumor that the truth sets you free.

Like everything in this world, there is a good and bad side to everything, the duality of nature there is a right and wrong to every aspect of life itself. They even made a religion up that discusses life that way, the Yin and Yang, the duality of life. Patronization has the yin and yang in it too.

It’s good when the ego is not in it, looking to gain from it. It is good, when it’s good for all involved, and not a formality to save face. Politeness is not holy, when the demons lie underneath making hell their foundations.

The demons are feelings of fear and shame, they are nothing more, you have the power to banish demons forever from your life, with FAITH.

They like to haunt you, with “alcohol” as the main door that they come into your mind, while the alcohol sedates your body, they like to fill your mind with many lusts and desires, which will in turn destroy your body and your health.  Remember they are feelings and ideas, not creatures with horns and red tails, there is no need to fear them, just excuse the evil from your mind.

They have to honor your wishes. You can use the name of Jesus to banish them, if that’s your faith, but the truth is all you need and faith is the actions that enable that deed.

Patronization is a flimsy defense against the demons, the truth is a great defense.


And now some music to ponder, you can’t make the heart feel, what it doesn’t, or you’re a phony patronizing fool… and this song says it like it is.