Delusions: Self Righteous Judgment

road to judgment

Delusional Minds Lead the World The meaning of delusions is born from judging other people. We shouldn’t judge other people. Otherwise, that delusion hooks you, and you’re pulled into vortex of not judging yourself. When you judge others, it is easier than you think, to get hooked. Self righteous judgments are a tumbleweeds going with …

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Weeds or Wild Flowers


What Determines a Weed?   The world today is quick to call wildflowers weeds, cause they don’t know the use of yet. It’s easier to call them weeds, and let them be done with it. This what my lawn would look like, and the noxious weed officers gave me a warning that I had to …

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Coding replacing Hardware

internet of things

  With the new interconnection of the Internet of Things, the coding of the operating systems of those devices are replacing tubes that are autonomous with their mechanical nature. The coding is replacing the need of mechanics. We bought TVs and they lasted 22 years, and you had to give it away, cause no one …

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NVIDIA Shield is Like The Red Shield

nvidia shield

  The NVIDIA Shield is the most disappointing buy… it’s done the way that Google wants it. We all know that Google has a hard time answering questions… maybe they’ll get back to you, maybe they won’t. I’m guessing they’ll pick the latter. I’ve had a full day getting acquainted with NVIDIA Shield, and say …

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KODI Something Like the XBMC

KODI got its start as an add-on for the XBOX, but progressed as an app that controls  hardware. I just got into media centers with PLEX, and I just found out about KODI, and it seems far more superior than PLEX. I get thumbnails to all my media with KODI. I’ll  wait and see what …

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Many Horses Pull My Chariot

Firey Horse

Many Horses Pull My Chariot   I‘ll talk about the team of horses that pull me through this life. My existence is the chariot, and the horses that pull me through this life are many, without number.   Understanding is the first horse, that I have given charge to pulling my chariot. Love is  the …

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PLEX = Confusion…time…

PLEX = Confusion…time… Understanding PLEX media Server has been a chore to understand, it’s been 6 months now, and I’ve learned more about it. It still confuses me, but I understand it. It’s a server first and foremost, at least on the software side. It needs a NAS – OS to work with separate storage …

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Swimming in a Crowded Rough Sea

swim drown

  Swimming in a Crowded Rough Sea : World Today   In the world today, I looked and compared it to a large bucket filled with water being tossed and shaken around, and it’s also filled with all the world’s population. It sounds so unreal, but you have to have a wild imagination to see …

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AI : Are We Creating God

AI : Are We Creating God AI is a new concept that we want to robotize, to help production issues. I can see the fears, that they create in the minds of the people. Blissfulness and passiveness is instilled in the public, but if they had all the facts, then they would choose another path. …

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Shine Like The Sun

Shine Like The Sun   This song was born from a nightmare I had when I was 20 years old, I was in a hospital and was pregnant, and giving birth. I was a male and incapable of giving birth, but I was going through a nightmare, and nothing made sense. It was stillborn, but …

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Welcome to Happiness – Review

— Welcome to Happiness – Review —   I was surprised of the viewing of this movie, it was like a resurrection, since I was killed two days before when I watched the movie Calvary. The ending was what killed me, it was so sad. This seemed to raise my spirits, cause I thought about …

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Algorithms Shower

Algorithms Shower Your Brains I was watching Elementary today, and Sherlock said something about brainwashing to the FBI agent, that hit a nerve with me. I couldn’t let it go into oblivion. I can’t quote him, since I can’t find the episode’s scene on youtube, but that’s how it started where Sherlock is confronting his …

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Talking From Machines

Talking From Machines I made a video of an old song I wrote about the internet, in 2002 or 2003, it was just before my stroke. The stroke debilitated me musically, as well as my cognitive abilities. I could think without a problem, but talking had to be a chore. Well that was then, and …

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Encryption: Right or Wrong

— Encryption: Right or Wrong — Encryption is it right or wrong? I don’t know, but I guess it leads to manipulations, and abuse of power. I see that http is old school,  and https is the new school. It’s filled with little zombies for their armies. I may be overly cynical in my views, …

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Saving Files Here has been a Nightmare

— Saving Files Here has been a Nightmare —   I‘ve been trying to post here all month, but it seems the elite minded sees us as mad ranters…and hack away at my peace. I’ll just rant at/in my peace, and claim it as my right… and I’ll take potshots at their peace in hopes …

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Why do We put Prices on Everything?


— Why do We put a Price on Everything? —   Prices are put on everything, as the main focus. Freedom requires spilt blood, for it’s price. The new prosthetics arm that moves and feels requires a price of over $100,000 for the prosthesis. It made me mad when the guy gave it an astronomical …

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Indifference is reflections of the Black Mirror

black mirror

— Indifference is reflections of the Black Mirror —   I just binge watched the Black Mirror. Season 4 and half of 3, and was left with a weight of indifference that made me think about life, to the point of not caring. Also there was Matt Damon look alike, named Jesse Plemons. He was …

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Firewood Keeps us Warm and Cozy


— Firewood Keeps us Warm and Cozy —   Firewood keeps us warm and cozy on a cold winter’s night. Any heat keeps us warm and cozy, whether propane, fuel oil, or electric. The cost is the question. Do you have enough finances to keep your home warm for another cold winter. I’ve never thought …

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Pacifier Religions: once we’re sucking,we don’t cry

pacifier religions

— Pacifier Religions: once we’re sucking, we don’t cry —   The religions of this fleshly world, are the pacifiers of the global society. They take the place of God, for just a temporary relief. The hunger is always there as long, as we are alive, but there is a spiritual hunger, and the fleshly …

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A Vision of the False Profit


— A Vision of the False Profit – A Self Centered Profit —   People worship already the false profit, and look to the profit for guidance. Corporations are like the organs of the body, and they develop tumors that feed on the sweetness of the profits, since all cancer tumors are nothing but fermenting …

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#666 Post, I’ve feared this, but I’ll face it


— #666 Post, I’ve feared this, but I’ll face it —   The fear of 666 is a little blown out. In fact the name carried the numbers, back then when it was warned of. They were the word’s letters that represented numbers. We didn’t start using the Arabic number system till later. You could …

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Lust is Rust to Love


— Lust is Rust to Love : A Relationship in Danger —   Every relationship is a new vehicle to carry you both to your destination. The rust starts to form from the first sexual encounter. You need to check the progression, and stop it in its tracks. You need to oil it with the …

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“Pain Creates Passion”


— “Pain Creates Passion” —   I just finished watching the movie “The Space Between”. It was about a man learning his baby was not his, and he went to see the Father of the baby. In the journey to see the Father, he met a girl killing herself, or she was going to hang …

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What I’m Thankful For :


— What I’m Thankful For : Everything —   I‘m thankful for family and friends, and the love they let me share and take. I like to give more, than I take.   I‘m thankful for the last few days, and I went to the store, and someone I never met, or even asked her name, …

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War it’s Not a Game …

war it's not a game

— War it’s Not a Game … Music by Mike McFee —     Mike brought this into the studio before the last album in 1995 before I left for Alaska, and I looked for lyrics, and I found a set of Lyrics by Freddy Hage, but I rewrote the Chorus to “War it’s not …

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Social Madness of Everyone Disagreeing

— Social Madness of Everyone Disagreeing  —   The social madness of everyone disagreeing and judging everyone, is making the political world a mess. People like Trump doesn’t make sense of the world with their overbearing egos. He manages to turn the subject into self made boasting. It’s been over a year, and he’s never …

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The Internet – The Bowels of the World


— The Internet – The Bowels of the World — The media or the press is nothing but the farts, silent but stinky, or loud and repulsive. The wars they profess or start, I haven’t enough time to think about to conclude on anything yet. I see correlations between our digestive system, and the global …

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A Call To Awakening : One Guy’s View

— A Call To Awakening : One Guy’s View —   I think more or less like this (Jason Silva) guy, but I show more respect and honor to God. He says Astronauts are atheists, the more I hear from Astronauts, they hold their faith to themselves. They don’t know. They are more agnostics, if …

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AfterLife – Immortality to be Skeptical

— AfterLife – Immortality to be Skeptical About —   I watched this video by Big Think, where Michael Shermer is talking about being skeptical about reaching utopia, and saying dystopia is the ultimate result of utopia. Leaves me a little skeptical about the whole notion of reaching heaven at all. There were moments that …

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Dark Horses and Light Horses, Battling


— Dark Horses and Light Horses, Battling For Victory —   Horses are compared to our egos, in our going through our global society. Ego’s start wars and seek to survive from ridicule’s torment. It’s our defenses from failure. I’ve been a failure all my life, so I recognize poor losers. They have made successes …

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Brave ??? I wonder if it’s another fake ad

— Brave ??? I wonder if it’s another fake ad —   It is another attempt at ripping us off, or telling us the raw truth. It says it’s faster than other browsers, when I install it, I’ll give it a review.     Well, I installed it, and the my hope were crushed of …

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Raising Seedlings of Crops and Weeds

— Raising Seedlings of Crops and Weeds —   Religions are the nurseries that raise the seedlings. Some grow into weeds and some grow into producing good fruit. There is a purpose to both, crops and the weeds. The crops feed us, and the weeds cure us. We just haven’t discovered the purposes of all …

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The Diverse Interconnected World

diverse interconnected world

— The Diverse Interconnected World : A Convoluted Mess —   The diversity of the world could be a convoluted mess, or a more complex intricate beauty. It came into my mind today when I looked at this video about Portland cement. I saw everything was interconnected with each other, about the thousandth time in …

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Roland FA-06 With Sampling Keyboard

roland fa-06

— Roland FA-06 With Sampling Keyboard —       Multitrack MIDI and Sampler digital audio, the FA-06 opens doors to the development of future designs. Rather than the maniacal hype designs of constantly switching menu pages, with different layers of control, Roland has setup a more user friendly intuitive design. Where you could setup …

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The Frozen River the view from the River

frozen river

— Frozen River: Views from Under the Ice of Reality —   Life is like a frozen river in my life. The coldness of life, in today’s world leaves hopeless views. When you are bothered by people to accept their ways, when you’re totally against their ways. It gets depressing to say the least. I’m …

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Copyright? Is it right or wrong?

— Copyright? Is it right or wrong? —     To protect the Artist, it’s right, but to protect the profits of the media companies, it’s wrong. They make the artists to sign away their songs from being shared. It’s in their contracts, in fine print along with the many more pages of doublespeak. It’s …

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The Fear and The Eclipse : Two confusing ideas

— The Fear and The Eclipse: Make sure you have Safe glasses —   I bought these safe glasses, and tried them out on the real Sun. Without the eclipse, and it seemed to be safe. The sun looked like the moon in the sky. It looked like the light from an image of the …

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Internet Connection Required : Before Buying

— Internet Connection Required to Run the Program —   I bought Corel Ultimate VideoStudio X10, cause I was buying a disk, that I could install it on another computer, that never saw the internet. I was wrong and received this email from Corel tech support. Charles Forte (Corel) Aug 15, 10:26 EDT Hello Rich2rain, …

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Space Aliens Walk Amongst Us : UFOs

— Space Aliens Walk Amongst Us : UFOs —   The space aliens are very close to my heart and mind, cause I’ve witnessed first hand my encounters with aliens/UFOs. There are other credible people with USAF, NASA, and a Canadian Minister of Defense, that spoke out on the space aliens of what they know …

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2 Way Communications of Chip Cards

chip cards

— 2 Way Communications of Chip Cards VS 1 Way of Magnetic Strip Cards —       The chip cards offers 2 way communications, rather than the 1 way communications, offered by the magnetic strip. I’ve thought about this a lot, when I was forced into getting a chipped card. They said it was …

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