Zombie Bees

Zombie Bees   I saw this bee movie and now they have an enemy, a “zombie” Phoridae Fly which lays eggs in the bee, and the bee leaves the hive at night, and goes and dies, going towards the night lights like moths. An article of the Bees dying ABC News Article saying the bees …

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Push a button and stop govt

The school year begins for me when others end their school year. Today I go back to school and learn about WordPress, and next month I take a basic electric class filling the gaps of understanding that make me feel uncomfortable about wiring on my own…except speaker voltage. I’ve been in school my whole life, …

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WP has been an experience…tomorrow I go for the college class

I’m going to take a class on wordpress, I’m wondering on setting the default FONT color for WP. It seems I want something yesterday…before I want it consciously. I love this song, every time I hear it… I love it even more… Yahhhooooooeeeeooooeoooe

Over 2000 dead from landslide in Afghanistan today

The story of today took me by surprise, more death…in a world of death. Destruction gone wild, and the rains brought it on. A mountain without trees is in danger of landslide, and it happened again. This time in Afghanistan. More HERE

Press and copyright

The Press and Copyright The Press is a hypocrite in my eyes, they make their living off the news, as if they own the world, and they make it a copyright issue… as if they own the news. They paint their images with their views to fill an agenda, yet when someone else takes their …

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PCP or THC… they told me it was THC

PCP or THC? We wait for the signs, and they are always changing like the waves of the sea, every wave seems the same, but every wave has a different effect on the shoreline. Erosion takes place with every wave hit, but it also brings in sand. The displacement, be it plus or negative, the …

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Wait for Technology to catch up to Impatience

  Technology        Everything from military, medical, spying, organizing, to gaming, technology has taken over our lives. We can’t even add in our heads without a calculator, I remember when I was young the vigor of the mind, I could figure math at an astronomical rate in my head. We weren’t allowed calculators for tests, …

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Below is an article from Newsroom America, it discusses the Social Media’s effects on the mind of the world… like we’re something to be studied rather than just live freely. I see their point, they make judgments of what they see, but the question is are we out of control where ethics takes a back …

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News for today and in the past

The news is of the end of wars anniversary…April 30th Happy Birthday Willie!… that sounds weird to me, since I been in the UK And this is the current news headlines of today    

I’ll try to remedy this broken heart… fears go away

Allay the fears and doubts… and you will succeed.  

The Yahoo debacle… I called the number they gave me, and I had 30 minute wait on hold

At least they told me, so I hung up… with the way technology has progressed and telephones have progressed, you could leave a message and they could call you back, when their 30 minutes is over, rather than you on hold. I’m so upset with Yahoo holding my domains hostage, it’s going to an email …

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2Rains music

  Now playing: 2Rain   I ventured into becoming a rock star, with a delusional mind, motivated by pure ego. Ego is a deceptive practice, it locks your mind in vanity’s will. I’m sharing something that you might not agree with, but I won’t shut you up. I started a studio in 1984 , it …

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Panic! At The Disco: This Is Gospel

This is directed at yahoo web services  

This transform from yahoo to site ground

Moving the domain is a real kicker, but I don’t see who is kicking me. I feel it , but hiding in anonymity, it gives you the power of abuse. I was ignorant of Yahoos many changes over the years, and when I contacted their support and looking for help, I had to wait 24 …

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Happy 62nd Anniversary MOM & DAD

I got off the phone with Mom yesterday, and I was surprised I forgot their anniversary… I was there for their 50th… I can’t even imagine being with someone for 62 years, because I’m not even that old, but I got to give them praise for all the hardships that they made it through. “The …

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Well I managed to move the site…well not fully

I choose to backup with extreme habits… back up , back up, and back up. We’ll see if I have better luck at SiteGround. The tech support is better to say the least, they at least give you the low down first. Well, we’ll start off with a youtube video… I just saw this tonight… …

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WordPress Resources at SiteGround

WordPress is an award-winning web software, used by millions of webmasters worldwide for building their website or blog. SiteGround is proud to host this particular WordPress installation and provide users with multiple resources to facilitate the management of their WP websites: Expert WordPress Hosting SiteGround provides superior WordPress hosting focused on speed, security and customer …

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