Music Video

Music Video   I had a good time watching this concert on NPR with Ages and Ages performing. They had the heart that’s missing in today’s music, they just don’t want you to dance. They want you to take their message in the lyrics, in your own way. I’ll take a yellow pill(SEO Color), rather …

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Onstar Offstar

Onstar Offstar I went to check out cars today, to see about resetting the 6 CD, and realized the CD trays were empty, but I don’t remember taking out the CDs. I was embarrassed, because I don’t remembering removing the CDs, but that could’ve been done before, that I didn’t remember doing something…if I did, …

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Crisis of Civilization

Crisis of Civilization I found this outlook of The Crisis of Civilization intriguing. I’m about 10 minutes into it…so I’ll watch it all, and see if I hate the message, which is the case of 50% of all Youtube videos Well I’m over half way through the documentary, and it is somewhat comical, that dry …

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day Remember the dead and kill some more, I’m disgusted by this day. Not because of the dead, they are free from this madness, and we’re willing to kill more for profit and power. This practice seems acceptable, when you don’t get mad, and keep making the same mistakes over and over again. “We …

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Look Up

LOOK UP The thought of turning off the smartphone to talk to someone, seems so real and alive. Get out and live life the real way, the digital world is an illusion where we live our fantasies in a virtual reality, instead of real reality. It’s a world of madness and loneliness when you don’t …

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Words as Weapons or As Tools

Words As Weapons The words as weapons video, brings to mind the world stage, and everyone has a part, an agenda. The propaganda of that agenda whether it be the individual or the state, is covertly displayed. It’s hidden in the mind, or in the secret halls of the state’s back doors, thus making it …

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Israel is not the Only victim in the world.

We all are victims of the sins of mankind, misunderstandings give rise to violence, as well as arrogance gives rise to anger. We all know what anger does, it’s uncontrollable. The reflections of anger, we regret and are sorry, but when we are angry, we are uncontrollable, and we never know what we do. It’s …

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Record Inspection Dept.


” I personally believe there should be a Record Inspection Dept.(RID) to get rid of any corruption found within the government… they could have National Security clearance, no legislative, judicial, or executive influence or power. They are elected to the position by the people, and do not answer to any branch of the government. They …

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The Stillness

The Stillness …oh the silence of the stillness, where happiness exists at their whims…where you have no desires to fulfill. I experience it many times a day, and don’t see it for years at a time, but it never changes. It is always enlightening, always has understanding as a gift to me. In stillness, I …

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Tips: spam or not?

“…If you do it right, you will never run out…”   I don’t know if spammers invaded me or not, but I think they did. They try to feed your ego and get in, so I approve their comments, and then all I get is someone not addressing the topic, with snippets of flattery. Talk …

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Minnows to Suckers

I lived in upstate NY, but I grew up in Brooklyn, when I graduated from parochial school, I started high school in upstate NY, in 1972 at the Grand Gorge Central School. This was in my backyard, a waterfall. I was blessed, I went from a concrete jungle to the trees and cows, which I never …

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I drew this CD cover in 1996.

Prophetic or not

This was a Scary CD Cover I drew this before I left NY in 1996, it was a CD cover I was doing, it scared me by the imagery. After 9/11, I see our liberties, and I drew another picture that had the same imagery before 9/11 too. The photos of drawings, seems somewhat mystical, …

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Hackers,crackers,grey hats,etc

Hackers, Crackers, Grey Hats, etc The different levels of hackers, there the good against the bad. Hackers are good too…but they are in danger of turning bad, in the millisecond of time, they border on the good and bad. It’s hard not to be surefooted lurking in the shadows and light. Hacking around the internet, …

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Democracy 101

Democracy 101 Democracy eats itself, has always stayed with me when I heard it. Like a pile of bodies that resemble a blob, it implodes on itself getting smaller like a star dying before it’s a super nova. These theories are only theories, not fact. I look at democracy to make it better, democracy is …

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Technology nostalgia

Technology Nostalgia   With the end of WWII, we began a new age of technology nostalgia, the days of the Cold War…and the advances in technology has been astronomical. The speed of the advances is like riding a bullet, things go by at lightening speed. I looked at this documentary and by the end of …

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Love and Lust

Love and Lust The separate entities that mask as each other, to confuse people. Love is pure and follows principle, lust is raw and selfish and follows flesh. They each have their own fuels compassion drives love, and passion drives lust. This is the way I see it, you might have other views from a …

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Sucks living in this world

When I think what I’ve left for this world, I have no other words to describe my experience living in this world, “it sucks”. The people capitalize on their deceptions, they speak as they’re telling the truth, but they only deceive themselves… cause eventually they get caught. It’s like an IOU, eventually the debt gets …

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Good night!

Good Night! – Scott Stapp – Dying to Live ♫ ♪ “…Some parts holy. Some parts dark as sin. The time has come to take off my mask. Watch the scars spill secrets from my past. This freak show won’t define who I am…” ♪ ♫

This the new theme, I chose

This is the Graphene theme, and it has a lot of options with it, I figure I’ll explore this until I get tired of it. I’ll play with colors till I hurt…but it has a lot more control than other themes… it’s overwhelming at first. But it’s a way to stay uniformed, at least for …

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The Universe under a microscope, as if we were Gods

The Universe under a Microscope “Thunderbolts of the Gods” The makeup of the universe under a microscope, this documentary speaks of what they don’t know, but theorizes about it. I found it interesting as well strong disagreement with the egos displayed. The universe is vast and void, with the unknown. Some call it God, heck …

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This is what I “understand”

This is What I “UNDERSTAND” This is what I came up with from searching UNDERSTANDING on YouTube.    

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Media captors

Media Captivators I saw this movie/documentary and I was captivated by it, the thought of media as an enemy and a savior, is reality to say the least. Do you ever wonder why we would treat it, as a drug that we are addicted to, but deny it to our dying breath, “No, I’m not …

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Frustrations or just depressed?

I was loaded with frustrations today. I woke up which is frustrating everyday…another day on the planet earth. You see people complaining over the same things everyday, and not being grateful for what they have, they look to conquer and divide the spoils from the resources they have or mine from the earth. I’m complaining …

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Masks, more than a face’s disguise

depressed fool

Masks Masks are what we wear to hide our faces, but there are virtual masks that we wear to hide our personalities and protect ourselves. We wear fake smiles to hide our displeasure, we are deceptive at our core, yet we are beautiful at our core too. Mankind is a bunch of masks making the …

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The day started out bad, but by evening, all’s good

Bad Days turn into Good Days I started the day, thinking my database of passwords were deleted, but I found out that I was where the password was different, then the one I was entering. The number of passwords that require a peaceful surfing experience, is getting astronomical … anyway that’s the start of my …

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Stunning Emotions

  “I want the kids to have their own opinions and be able to support it. They need to think critically. If all you teach them is to regurgitate, it will not help them in life.” — Alisha Valenzuela   We go through this life being led by emotions, the shock and awe of emotions …

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Puppet Shows = Social Scenes

Puppet Shows = social scenes, every social scene is a puppet show for someone to see… it’s all ego motivated, if we killed the ego, then it would kill our motivation for doing things. It would be our death in more ways than one. The ego is our servant, and should stay so, when it’s …

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Religion or Christ’s Spirit

Religion or Christ’s Spirit I choose Christ’s Spirit…religion is so tyrannical. Jesus or religion, is the question we are left with, since religion killed Christ, I see they battle till there is a winner. I choose Christ as the example, I’ll follow, instead of religion’s dogmas and traditions. They angered Jesus’ patience with the money …

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Zombie Bees

Zombie Bees   I saw this bee movie and now they have an enemy, a “zombie” Phoridae Fly which lays eggs in the bee, and the bee leaves the hive at night, and goes and dies, going towards the night lights like moths. An article of the Bees dying ABC News Article saying the bees …

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Push a button and stop govt

The school year begins for me when others end their school year. Today I go back to school and learn about WordPress, and next month I take a basic electric class filling the gaps of understanding that make me feel uncomfortable about wiring on my own…except speaker voltage. I’ve been in school my whole life, …

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WP has been an experience…tomorrow I go for the college class

I’m going to take a class on wordpress, I’m wondering on setting the default FONT color for WP. It seems I want something yesterday…before I want it consciously. I love this song, every time I hear it… I love it even more… Yahhhooooooeeeeooooeoooe

Over 2000 dead from landslide in Afghanistan today

The story of today took me by surprise, more death…in a world of death. Destruction gone wild, and the rains brought it on. A mountain without trees is in danger of landslide, and it happened again. This time in Afghanistan. More HERE

Press and copyright

The Press and Copyright The Press is a hypocrite in my eyes, they make their living off the news, as if they own the world, and they make it a copyright issue… as if they own the news. They paint their images with their views to fill an agenda, yet when someone else takes their …

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PCP or THC… they told me it was THC

PCP or THC? We wait for the signs, and they are always changing like the waves of the sea, every wave seems the same, but every wave has a different effect on the shoreline. Erosion takes place with every wave hit, but it also brings in sand. The displacement, be it plus or negative, the …

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Wait for Technology to catch up to Impatience

  Technology        Everything from military, medical, spying, organizing, to gaming, technology has taken over our lives. We can’t even add in our heads without a calculator, I remember when I was young the vigor of the mind, I could figure math at an astronomical rate in my head. We weren’t allowed calculators for tests, …

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Below is an article from Newsroom America, it discusses the Social Media’s effects on the mind of the world… like we’re something to be studied rather than just live freely. I see their point, they make judgments of what they see, but the question is are we out of control where ethics takes a back …

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News for today and in the past

The news is of the end of wars anniversary…April 30th Happy Birthday Willie!… that sounds weird to me, since I been in the UK And this is the current news headlines of today    

I’ll try to remedy this broken heart… fears go away

Allay the fears and doubts… and you will succeed.  

The Yahoo debacle… I called the number they gave me, and I had 30 minute wait on hold

At least they told me, so I hung up… with the way technology has progressed and telephones have progressed, you could leave a message and they could call you back, when their 30 minutes is over, rather than you on hold. I’m so upset with Yahoo holding my domains hostage, it’s going to an email …

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