Old Writings From College

Old College Writings,
Talking About Bridges Over
the Unexplained Nothingness

I wrote this essay, as a one page story, and the story was good, it was quite deep, and required you to think about it. I don’t know what College it was, I’m thinking it was NEC Arundel, UK, it’s where I took the Creative Writing course

This is the story of the two bridges that cross over the gorge of Unexplained Nothingness.

“Showing the division from these two extreme concepts is a gorge of unexplainable nothingness.

Religions was the first bridge to be built across the gorge, going from materialistic reality to spiritual enlightenment.

Then Philosophy was constructed as a second bridge across the gorge, returning materialistic understandings from the spiritual enlightenment side, for those who crossed over from the Religions bridge.

Science can be blamed for turning one Philosophy bridge into a toll bridge, and tried to toll the Religions bridge too, but was met with a hard resistance from the free people.

Materialistic theories from philosophical principles were collected as payments, for crossing the Philosophy bridge, and since the Religions bridge was free travel for now, they returned to the other side of the materialism without losing their enlightenment of scientific understandings, so that prompted for Science to build Toll Booths on the Religions bridge, and doctrines from religious truths were used as payment to cross the Religions bridge over.

So as profits from  the collections increased, there’s been many more bridges were built over the gorge of unexplained nothingness.

Materialism of Science grows, while the materials necessary for our own existence dissipate, with Science’s experimentations.

Which brings us closer to what was before the beginning, before Religions, before Philosophy… ashes to ashes, and dust to dust.”

hat was a sad story, and it doesn’t change, it’s just the beginning, AI tech is getting stronger and advancing to the Technological Singularity.

And what happens after that, is anybody’s guess… the false prophets rise telling of our futures… but they’re only guessing with predictions based on assumptions and speculations.

Theories are based on assumptions as proof only turn out to be false, to be seen from another perspective, and we feel stupid… that we didn’t take in that other perspective.

You need to see every perspective to get to the truth.