Obsessions with the 2nd Amendment

— Obsessions with the 2nd Amendment, distorts it —


2nd amendment


The 2nd Amendment is an amendment I’ve had close to 4 years trying to understand the meaning of it. The people that wrote our constitution, wrote the 2nd amendment to supply the ammo to fight against tyranny. From raising its head like a dragon again, to gobble up our freedoms.


I began defending the 2nd Amendment, and began seriously searching the meaning for it. There were many defending it, but they had nefarious reasons for defending it. Mainly, their narcissistic reasons to serve their ends.

I saw it as a weapon to defend our freedoms, not to serve the weapon makers.

I would like to be free to build a gun of my own, but I would also like to grow pot. We know both those points are illegal as we speak. The freedoms that were once legal, has become illegal through fear.

I could go on and reason to a sickly repetitive end, but that’s been done before.

Reefer was once legal. In fact, the draft of our constitution was written on on it, but after prohibition of alcohol was repealed, marijuana had to take its place. I don’t mean to equate the legalization of marijuana with the 2nd amendment, but the obsessions with the 2nd amendment has blown it out of proportions from the reasons it was written.

So equating it with legalizing pot, isn’t much different. “Two wrongs, don’t make it right”.


“Two wrongs don’t make a right, but don’t three lefts make a right? Two wrongs don’t make a right, but don’t two negatives make a positive?”
― Andrew Clements, Things Not Seen


Obsessions with our own Perceptions

Our obsessions distort our perceptions, like looking through a fish tank the distortions of our perceptions are disorienting to say the least. The water is clear, but the objects that we see are off a minor measurement from our perspective where they are. The politicians and the gun manufacturers use the 2nd amendment as their right, shined with their own light. Their own obsessions.

Their own delusions to reach their own ends. Our perceptions are skewed in their favor.


With the special elections here in Montana to replace the office in the House of Representatives that Zinke won in November.  There is the 2nd Amendment being played as a card, in a card game.

I believe in the 2nd amendment to keep tyranny at bay, but the tyranny is so subtle like a snake entering the scene. We are fooled by threats of taking our freedoms away, but the terrorism is the snake. Fear is its fruit, and it’s passing it around for all to eat.

I’m not eating any of it, and I want to bring it your minds… in NO way, will there be the 2nd Amendment taken away. Too many have died for that right, for it to go into oblivion.

If I hear the 2nd amendment used as political tool, it’s infringing on me… and they should go to jail.

Well, at least fined… no, that’s too harsh. But they should be made to feel guilty for having infringed on my rights… a good scolding should be their fruits… they can eat it with their fear fruits. They eat at their last supper of the political roundtable.