Music and Death

Music and Death

grave-224414_150Music is like a cloak to protect from the elements from the world, and eventually you die, and become subject to the elements of the world.

Music is a trendy thing, what was once was called music, is a noise to some and a comfort to others. Music is a subjective noise, a pleasure to some, and an annoyance to others. Music is like the wardrobe of God,  it depends on your perspective of God.

Classical is giving honor to God, yet to others it is just noise, like a horn blowing in traffic jams. The beat of rock and roll seems like a groove of the devil to lead a march towards death, like we need a cadence towards death.

It is just noise.

It feeds the egos or moods, bringing depression or joy with memories of the past of the lives we lead. So you need a lot of good memories, though some bad memories lead to a lot of blessings, you know what to avoid.

In the end it’s just noise, if it gives you pleasure then it’s not the noise that give you pleasure it’s the memories that were uncovered by the noise. I don’t know what goes on acoustically in the process, but songs are like bulldozers fortifying or destroying. They move the earth to reveal something that has been long buried in the confines of your soul, memories that have been long forgotten.

I saw this band called “Death” in documentary this morning on Amazon Prime, and I never heard of them before, it must’ve been the name Death. I heard their music over the last few months, and I was surprised cause I was into that type of music around 1975, but if you weren’t from Detroit you wouldn’t have heard of them.


DEATH – Politicians In My Eyes

I saw this movie today, I viewed it and it gave why they came up with the name “Death”. It was when their father died, and it was what gave them the strength to go on with their life. It’s what brought their music to the point of not being known, but even after 40 years they had  the master tapes.
I heard “politicians in my eyes” before, but I didn’t hear the whole album.

This is an article on the Band Called Death

The Album – Drag City maybe out there, but It disappeared off youtube.

Music can be comforting and relaxing, or motivating and energizing, depending on your mood.

Waiting for death, it seems like it never comes when you like, yet if it comes, you plea for life.
I’m easy to please, yet hard to please, it all depends on my mood.

Somedays I hate life, and somedays I love life…it’s predicament this thing called life, somedays it’s welcoming and other days it’s oppressive, and when I’m not in control and it’s unpredictable.

Which is the adventures of life, it’s going to end, and like Bill Hicks said ” It’s just a ride”.