Middle East Wars

— Middle East Wars —


Middle East Wars are being fought and funded indirectly by other countries, not in the open, but covertly by special groups.

Some are labeled terrorists by the country their fighting, and the enemy of my enemies is a basic need to go funding this mess.

Those enemies will be your enemies in the future, as it has been that throughout history, look at the Al Qaeda debacle to make sense of what I’m talking about.


Throughout history we’ve seen the blowback from us funding terrorists. The MEK debacle like the Al Qaeda debacle is coming back to bite us in the ass, we want to cover our ass with armor. Well, if we had the nerve to fight with the nation, rather than needing a proxy to do our sneaky shit, then we wouldn’t need any armor on our ass.

There is always the main actors in the middle east which all the wars stem from, at least when Israel was formed and the Palestinian state was not formed, they kept losing land as time went on.


 The land called Palestine was home to Jews and Palestinians for years before Israel. They suffered each other like friends, before the state of Israel was born out of terrorism.

It’s true, look at the history of the Irgun or the King David Hotel, and they call the Palestinian terrorists. When Menachem Begin was the leader of the Irgun, even the Jewish Agency said that it was terrorist group.


All the terrorism in the world, is the disease of pride, where one party is left out of the process of power, so they resort to terrorism to be heard.



 ISIS is another group I called IS(Idiotic Statesmen) to make it clear trying to form a tyrannical caliphate is idiotic at best.

This video is making the best of their existence, without being confrontational.

Be it what will be, I’m depressed with the way the world is now, as you all probably are. We need to educate ourselves and stop blaming other people, cause they don’t meet your standards.


Nation rising up against other nations, cause they know a better way. It’s imposing your views on others, whether it be in a tyrannical upfront way, or a sneaky and covert way.

Whatever happened to the mind your own garden mentality, rather than the imperialistic thoughts of the world, that we know better than the rest of the world.

We use proxies to get our way, however ineffective it is. We use proxies to do our bidding, until they turn against us. Well, commenting on the mess of the world, is another obsession I live with.

I try to enlighten, but I’m capable of being wrong with assumptions or presumptions, but I’m open to corrections.