Medical Markups

— Medical Markups : 100% – 500% —


I was just billed for a brace that was marked up to an astronomical amount from retail, or at least where I could buy it online. The medical markups are astronomical to say the least.


medical markups



I found one on Ebay for $45 used, and one on Amazon for $191.50 new, and I was charged $535 new from the hospital for the same thing.

It averaged most comparable prices were between $185 – $285, but retail from the hospital was $535.


It doesn’t surprise me, cause the demand is there, they get away with it. They can ask about any price.

I’ve been dealing with the medical industry for about 38 years, not by choice. I became subject to the medical industry and their medical markups prices, almost 40 years now, and time is flying by where days seem like minutes.

The more time flies by, the more weaker and frail I become.

I don’t know how to fight this greed based pricing, except by what I’m doing here. Whining for the sake of whining, and telling nothing, but the hard truth.


I remember the wheelchairs when I first was hurt, was only made by one company Everest Jennings. They’re might have been other companies in the works, but I remember Everest Jennings was the only wheelchair maker that I remember in the late 70’s. In the 80’s there were a couple of new wheelchair makers, and even more in the 90’s. Then everyone started to make chairs in the new millenniums, where parts were no longer universal… they had a nature of their own.

They made the piece different, cause you had to buy another piece, rather than use the parts of the old chair. It fed the greedy monster that inhabited the marketing companies, that raped the ideas of the inventor.

I’m not a radical extremist, we have enough of them already, but I’m at my wit’s end fighting this greed based capitalism. Profit driven capitalism, where the normal man serves the corporations. Where the corporations are the new govts, where the govts serve the corporations too, instead of the people.

Corporations are NOT people!

People work for the corporations, but not the corporations are people. That facade is a false premonition, one that is dangerous to the core. If we gave the corporations the right to vote, then all hell breaks loose. They sneakily buy the votes now, but they want it written into law, that they have the right to vote.


The free market capitalism died, when I was in my 20’s. I was just too stupid to care, or be aware of what was happening to this world, before it was too late to do anything about it.

I wait for the 100 year mark in the future, and see what our country has progressed to the technological Singularity. Where the machines and the Artificial Intelligence will rule, maybe not like the Terminator movies, but some distortion of it.

Now we have greedy dumbwits with big egos running for office to be our leaders, the blind leading the blind, by what I see.

I’m cynical, I agree, but with this world, and opening a bill that I was expecting $185 – $285, but realizing I had to come up with $535, was a shocker to say the least.