Masks, more than a face’s disguise


Masks are what we wear to hide our faces, but there are virtual masks that we wear to hide our personalities and protect ourselves.

We wear fake smiles to hide our displeasure, we are deceptive at our core, yet we are beautiful at our core too.

Mankind is a bunch of masks making the way through life, creating more masks to wear.

Each book that is written is another mask to wear, another understanding to view the world through.
Masks strike fear or comfort in the individual, from my view.

Masks can be physical or virtual, did you smile when you felt like scowling?

You were wearing a mask, if you did.
Think about it, you hid behind a mask, rather than face your feelings head on.
We all hide from our feelings at first, or we become obsessive and overload on emotional obsessions.
It’s either a cold defensive reaction or you wear a mask.

It’s a fact…and no more needs to be said…well a lot more needs to be said, but it’s you who needs to say it.