Marijuana is legalized… otherwise God would be in Jail


The first sign of change is the propaganda that is passed, before the law to make it illegal.

I was looking for the real reasons that made pot/marijuana illegal. This story was used as a justification, but it was so untrue and twisted. He was mentally ill, and saw hallucinations… who know what was going on in his mind.

Yes in fact, pot is more potent, than it was when I was growing up… but I never thought about murdering my family. I was relaxed and stoned, and couldn’t be strung out as the scenes from Reefer Madness.


The sinsemilla the female part of the cannabis plant is not allowed to pollinate with the male plant, thus producing “no seeds”… and being more potent with THC the mind altering cannabinoid. There are over 113 cannabinoids for the pot plant, most of them are not mind altering.

It has been over10 years since I’ve given up pot, unless someone offers me some… I will take a hit, like smoking a peace pipe.

The Endocannabinoid system of the body is all over our body… it’s mainly the nervous system. I’m not a doctor, and I’m glad I’m not a doctor. There is so much to retain.

The miracle of God’s creations shouldn’t be under the control of the devil…mainly politics.
Making laws to govern the growth of a plant, that’s used to heal. I would love to grow it, according to the space, I have to grow it.

It’s hemp, so industrial hemp is legalized in Kentucky at least, along with the other 9 states, where it is legalized for recreational use.
Industrial hemp usage by State, it turns out Industrial hemp is legal in Montana… but requires a certain seed to grow.


Big Govt is a stick in the wheels of progress.
— RM Tomidjah


Big Govt has a way of making something so simple, into a big project. The simplicity of something so mundane, that a mentally challenged individual would understand it, gets complicated to the point of a smart person wouldn’t or couldn’t understand it. It’s littered with doublespeak from lawyers, that only lawyers understand.