Many Horses Pull My Chariot

Many Horses Pull My Chariot


Firey HorseI‘ll talk about the team of horses that pull me through this life.

My existence is the chariot, and the horses that pull me through this life are many, without number.


Understanding is the first horse, that I have given charge to pulling my chariot.

Love is  the next horse, and has  a close relationship with Understanding.

Anger is a forceful emotion,   and can get wild, but Love has a calming effect on Anger.

Kindness and Anger are the next two horses, Kindness is Love’s agent for calming down Anger. It’s a patronizing agent sometimes, but Anger has to look at the situation, to think about it with reasoning, which is like a sedative to the stress.

The next two horses  are Music and Art. They are very vocal horses, but they get me to where I’m going. They make a lot noise, but I’m sometimes oblivious to their message… until 20 years later.
It isn’t always obvious to me. These messages in these blogs, aren’t always clear to me either.

All in all, there are many horses that pull my chariot.two leading horses

Different teams are used, but Understanding and Love are always leading the team.

The team I use, is determined by what the job entails. I just try to live life, the best I can. There are so many horses to be named, but the memory is weak from so many sleepless nights, including tonight.


I remember having a talk with my Dad in the car in the driveway of our house in Brooklyn, “Just do your best, and I’ll  be happy” was what he said, to the best of my memory. So when I see him again, “I did my best” is what I’ll say to him.

Think about your team, and see how many names you come up with?

Psalm 20:7
“Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.”

This is a song called “FEEL THE LOVE”

Mike McFee – Drums, Backing Vocals
Eric Wetmore – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Richard McNerney – Keyboards, Main Vocals