Mainstream Media is in Charge of our Elections

— Mainstream Media in Charge of our Elections : Globally —


united-states-650588_640I came across this CNN piece of questioning Trump’s spokesman talking about down in the polls.(the video was deleted)

Elections seem to be won by the mainstream media.

I learned why I knew before.  The mainstream media is the culprit. They magnify favorably the ones they pick, and degrade the fools they find.

I knew the outcomes of every election, before I voted for Obama in 2008. Also, I lost it, after I voted for him.

It was the first time, I voted in my life. I was going to vote in 2004, but I was in the hospital having a stroke. Anyone would be better than a second term Bush.

I quickly regretted my voting for Obama, he lied quickly, and went into denial mode that he was lying. So I voted for Ron Paul, in 2012, though he wasn’t a candidate. I have the write in option in Montana.


2016 Election

So, this 2016 election is not any different from than any other elections in my life. They pick the two fools for you to choose from. It’s very insulting to our intelligences, and it makes you feel like more of a fool for voting.

They (the mainstream media) feeds the systems that’s corruptible, and bleed off the profits from advertisements. That is their food.

We need to stop feeding this system, changing the system is not going to fix it. The things of the constitution that stands strong in our minds, but the many amendments that have a clouded the issues, rather than making them any clearer, needs to be changed or repealed.


“I think it would be better to wind up [the settlement of a new constitution] as quickly as possible, to consider it as a mere experiment to be amended hereafter when time and trial shall show where it is imperfect.”
Thomas Jefferson to Comte de Moustier, 1790. ME 8:108


The words of the designer of the Declaration of Independence, it’s only an experiment. James Madison wrote the Constitution.

Where the people have the final say. The way it was designed to be, but designs are always skewed the way they’re interpreted.



I‘ve also learned of the massive conspiracy is real, not as it’s being painted in the mainstream media. They make it sound silly and lightheartedly suspicious.

That it’s really there, and there will also be major chaos in the world. Well, I question whether that it is going on now in the world.

We could go on and complacently ignoring reality, but that might be why the world is such a mess. Ignorance multiplying at an exponential rate, and wisdom dying, like a weed sprayed with a weed killer.

The media is the weed killer sprayer, or the good news sprayer. I only see them spraying weed killer lately. No good news in the news.


Conspiracies make up the world as it is. Everything is a conspiracy in a corrupt world.

When two or more agree, and make plans to manipulate the people or the politics. That is the definition of a conspiracy.

Since we all do that legally, we ignore the conspiracy in all of us. It doesn’t dilute it. So that the conspiracy is nonexistent, it’s just diluted, that we don’t taste the legalities or illegalities in it.

Illegality leaves a bad sour taste, and legality leaves a sweet taste, like sugar.


We look to survive these elections is all. Whatever we bring to the table … the fruit to eat.

We all have to eat it, but this year, I’m fasting.