KODI Something Like the XBMC

KODI got its start as an add-on for the XBOX, but progressed as an app that controls  hardware.

I just got into media centers with PLEX, and I just found out about KODI, and it seems far more superior than PLEX. I get thumbnails to all my media with KODI.

I’ll  wait and see what it does, I loaded the app on my laptop with Windows10, and it loads not getting to the desktop.

The app is just there, and takes over the desktop. It’s not in Windows, as a separate window. I can’t minimize it, or anything, but close it… to get back to the desktop screen.

I looked at it, and PLEX is close to the easy, but  KODI requires less work to understand it.

KODI was a free pirated taking software, with movies and TV… but I have to research it… I did, and it was.

I guess KODI has had a change of mind… but with add-ons you can still get free movies. The only thing is the newer version, it might be filled with spying software. I hope it isn’t, but I don’t trust anyone in this world. Too many forked tongues in this world!

I like it, and it has a PLEX add-on for the KODI app. I downloaded and installed it, but I’m waiting for my NVIDIA Shield, and install it on that. It should be coming in the next couple of days.

Though I just started to get into video editing again, I had the NewTek Video Toaster some time in the early 90’s… it was on a Commodore Amiga system.

Well, I’ll wait for my NVIDIA Shield, and just look and learn about PLEX and KODI in the meantime.