Jason Silva on Memory

Jason Silva on Memory —


 I reminisce many times, all my memories are remembered differently by other people who were there at the same time. We each have different perspectives, so our memories are different, but it’s the same event.

The view of the band may be different, the view of the speakers at the readings are different, the only thing we agree on is the focal point, we just have differences on the perspectives.

If we went and saw Aerosmith at Comiskey Park in 1976, I confused it with Wrigley Field. It was where the White Sox played, but I had different memories from the people who attended that event, mostly from the people I watched from that event.

There was one guy with me when we went into the restroom, but I can’t remember his name. We went into the Men’s Bathroom and there were girls in there blowing guys in the stalls, it was shocking for me, cause the girls were watching their mates blowing the guy over the stalls, while standing on the adjacent toilet stall.

I went to the urinals and wanted to relieve myself and get out of there, though I was thinking these girls were young and attractive, and I was 18… so I digress to my fantasy world.

No one I attended with, except the guy I can’t name, saw this scene, but I remember that fact from series of bands that were included that day, which no on else saw, but I only remember that scene clearly.

I go into a bathroom, I was shocked by female in the man’s restroom, that’s all I remember, not the bands that attended World Series Jams, I think that’s what it was called. I only remember Aerosmith, though I just remembered, I was watching Jeff Beck was playing and they started a fire in the stands, and Jeff Beck went off the stage in a huff.

There were 5 bands that day, or maybe 4, my minds a little cloudy on that day.

Well after the fire, Aerosmith came out, and gave a good show, but all I remember was the drummer doing a solo.

I did tell you I was 18, and we were drunk and partying.