Jackie Gleason from “The Honeymooners” talks about UFOs

Copied from Youtube:
“Jackie Gleason talks about various (international) UFO cases with Frank Edwards on the Long John Nebel Show, November 16, 1958.”


This guy I watched through the 60’s till  70’s, when he was on “The Honeymooners”, and got his evening show “The Jackie Gleason Show”… on a Black&White 14″ TV… it’s all we could afford.

Well, Jackie left the interview to take a shit on the Crapper/Can.

y Dad was el Cheapo, but he was humble, and grew up in the depression of 1929… so he learned to be, and was cheap and frugal.

Brooklyn, the TV was my mainstay, and I watched early morning Saturday Cartoons.

Then one Saturday morning, I got up at 4am, and there was a Nazi Documentary on. I was expecting Cartoons, but it was Hitler, in all the horror of what he did.  Nazi Symbol
I just got in trouble from running around the neighborhood with a Nazi flag cape, and brought horror to the Jewish neighbors, that lived up the street.

I had to apologize to them, but didn’t understand what they felt… but when I saw the actions of Hitler, I felt ashamed.
The Nazi flag was a souvenir from WWII, that Grandpa Meyers(my Mom’s Dad) brought home from Germany, and was up in our attic.
I took it out of the attic, and wore it as a cape and called myself “Nazi Man”… I was just ignorant of what the Swastika meant.

I did some stupid shit… I was a fool, more than NOT, when I was younger.
Who wasn’t a fool,  during their youth?

It’s better than a rehashing of my UFO experience… it brought color to the Black&White TV story?