ISIS is making the news again

— ISIS is making the news again —


ISIS is making the news again with the executions of 250 Syrian Soldiers.The numbers seem a bit exaggerated, but even 1 is too much evil in the world.

I was looking through ISIS beginnings and they were formed by the vacuum of power we created in Iraq, by taking out Saddam. We formed this monster of evil, by thinking we know the world and meddling in other states businesses. Woe is the US diplomacy.


 This video gives the origins of ISIS, but makes the same mistakes for stopping ISIS at the end. Where it takes sides, and sides with Syria. Which is a big mistake.

Urban Guerrillas have no infrastructure to bomb, and no territory to capture, a newly formed caliphate is making its borders.

I think that the way to defeat them is let them reveal who they truly are, they are like a wild animal that needs to be caged. They’ll find the world’s freedom is truly a blessing, and the new caliphate is the curse. The truth shall defeat them.

Let the world defeat them with their disgust of ISIS’ message and live in the Sharia law, they will see a reflux of people leaving the caliphate, anyone who has a sane mind.

It’s a den of vipers and thieves, like the old days of Jesus Christ when he called the Pharisees vipers. (Read Matt chapter 23) He could be talking to ISIS as an alternate to the Pharisees.

I question my own thoughts on this subject, so I don’t know what the solution should be, but the aggression principle should be checked for defensive purposes, any aggression is wrong. To say the least, I hope an end to ISIS comes soon.

I’ll wait for the world to care, I’ve been waiting all of my life.