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I am Iron Man

Imagine flying like an Ironman with a flair for the obvious… flying.

It would scare me.




Facebook is challenging WordPress’ open sourceness, with the “instant articles”, taking the media of the site being published and displaying it without opening a separate browser window.

If they do that on their own platform. I just got into publishing, so I don’t know all the ins and outs of digital publishing, but it requires many different servers talking to each other, and also including the “the Cloud” which has become dominant in recent years on the world wide web.

The dreams of knowing all, about all, is overwhelming to the individual to say the least… but I never would of learned about WordPress and the complexities of digital publishing, and it wasn’t like desktop publishing where you print out a flyer and post it, where you’re allowed to post it. Web publishing is bit more complex, you have to deal with Search engine rankings, dealing with different servers, and globally communicating with different languages.

I imagine I made some new enemies, by offending them innocently by being misinterpreted. Euphemisms in English can be so misconstrued to mean something else in another language, and I only speak English.




Open Source software is more mainstream today than when they started with patent infringements, I say who owns the idea itself. There’s going to be big bill at the end of life, claiming patent infringements for something you thought you owned.

We all steal from God, and the atheist’s that don’t believe in God, then it’s a moral issue, that they magnify their arrogance and claim they own it, but I ask you who owns an idea? It would be a person that thought of word “THE”, he/she would be rich beyond compare.

It’s all trivial and petty, and what the immature squabble over.




What if your name was ISIS? Would you choose another name?

Well some people are proud of their names, and take offense, I became aware of this around the turn of the new year, and chose to call them Daesh.  A name more suitable for them, in Arabic it’s something trampled underfoot, or an oppressor.  The word is acronym, but the Arabic words that it sounds like Daes and dahes has negative overtones. It’s their destiny, in my opinion.

They even kill fellow Muslims, cause they’re not their denominations. A God who is most merciful and generous beyond compare, to bless us with a planet we destroy daily through our sins of greed and corruptions, if I believed that Daesh is the spokesman of God, which I strongly do not, then there is no hope for sanity to prevail, which I strongly believe not, there is always hope.

Rather than cut their head off, kick their actions in the dirt, and give no merit to them. Trample them underfoot.