IS (Idiotic Statesmen) another beheading

IS (idiotic statesmen) another beheading

This video is censored, by youtube and Me, I don’t want to look for it, again.They recruit with this mentality, they make someone as sick as them, apart of them.

They don’t free them and enlighten them, they oppress them and when they look to leave them, they threaten them, and behead them.

It’s not only westerners threatened with beheading, it’s whoever doesn’t agree with them.

They are labeled as infidels, Muslims killing Muslims. What is wrong with that picture, when they serve a God who is merciful, and they’re barbarians.

I’m about ready to commit suicide, and take the easy way out, but that will not do any good.
It’s the easy way out, and those who know me, know I don’t like the easy way.

It will be a cold day in hell before this mess will be straightened out. The winter is approaching and I feel like it will be cold as cold gets. The world is cold as coldness gets already, and it will be proper that we spend it shivering in fear, cause that’s what they’re trying to spread to make you start a fire for another war.

Burning the lies that they spread, through their propaganda machines called the media, both on the internet and TV. There is truth, but it’s the selected truth, that’s what makes it a propaganda machine. On both sides of the fence, you are getting ready/prepped for the final conflict.

Until you wake up to the manipulations that have been going, since the beginning of time from the manipulators who hide in their secret places, their minds.
That is the only sanctuary they hold, we all hold.

They take away our sanctuary with their spying in the name of defense, but there will be blowback.

I’ll wait for Spring, cause I’m already in Winter mode, I’ve done without Autumn this year, it went to 32 degrees last night, and it isn’t even Autumn yet, which is September 22.

Beware people there is a war in the brewing, filled with lies and the incomplete truths for the taste to make it go down easier.
Don’t swallow it, question it.

 “Their silence is complicity.”

Bin Mahmoud: Jews, Christians, Shi’ites And ‘Alawites Who Committed Crimes Against The Muslims Must Be Beheaded

After clarifying that he is opposed to killing Muslims, bin Mahmoud continues: “As for beheading infidel Jews, Christians and ‘Alawites, as well as apostate Shi’ites, who commit crimes against the Muslims, they must be terrorized, filled with fear and beheaded without any respect. Cutting off heads is part of the tradition of the [Prophet’s] Companions. In the Koran Allah ordered to smite the infidels’ necks and encouraged the Muslims to do this. He said [in Koran 47:4], ‘When you meet those who disbelieve on the battlefield, smite at their necks until you have killed and wounded many of them…

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The Bible has a lot of barbarism in it too, but the New Covenant, which was Jesus’ teachings, and the Muslims recognize Jesus as a prophet, they don’t believe in his crucifixion, but Muhammad was about 600 years after it happened. So he was going by hearsay, gossip.
Whether he was or not, you believe he spoke from God, his words were love your enemies, not decapitate them.