I solved the API Youtube Debacle

— I solved the API Youtube Debacle … temporarily —


Everything’s a DrugI downloaded  a WP youtube Lyte plugin, I went to that cause it offered the testing of the API v3, and it told me to put in the IP of my server with the Google Console… and it didn’t work for me, for the next week I tried and tried, and no luck.

Then I was looking through the WP forums and the writer of that plugin told me “to let any server” allow , it  will allow any server, it only lets others, to weed off of your uses of free time from youtube.  So I need to change my API key, when I figure out how to do it.

50 million requests daily are free, but after that… ????

Anyway since I figured that out about an hour ago, I had just over a thousand requests. Now I told you, the pressure is back on me to seek out the proper process. I’m just a tech dummy that has a lot of time on his hands.

Please be merciful…

Well I tried out that WP Youtube Lyte, and it allows you too put in multiple playlists on the same posts, which is new to me, we need to develop a plugin that makes a grid of the whole post… I have a lot of free time, but I have other things to do, and sitting in front of the computer takes time that I don’t want to waste… and it seems I’m in space in front of the screen more than I like.

You need to click in upper left hand corner to view the playlists choices.



The only thing that is needed is a smaller player, cause the players work in a table, but the choices of the player sizes is not less than 420 wide… if they made the choices 240 wide, rather than single columns I can make double columns with the table.

Well thanks to Frank Goossens for the info on how to temporarily fool Google… I know I’ve got to properly figure it out.

I went through every avenue I could think of, I just don’t have the tools to figure it out, it’s my mind and the other basic free software packages out there… I believe in open source too.