History of the Word : SHARE

— History of the Word : SHARE —




History of the word share, the beginnings of the word where you cut up the treasures of meat or food with a sharp knife shear it into portions. Then it became a noun as a commodity that is bought and sold, like shares with stocks.

Whether the verb was first or in the mid 1500s, I see it as a verb was first. Where portions of the hunt and gatherings were set aside into portions where the tribe would share. I’m just conjecturing on what happened.

What came first the greed or need, it doesn’t matter … the needs need to be filled?

The greed’s line their own pockets.

They might have very noble deeds, but they’re blind to the needs.

Sharing is a very noble deed, but if it doesn’t come from the heart without reward in mind, then it has their own agenda, however nefarious it may be, or it may be only concerned with itself, but if it doesn’t come from the heart, then it’s dead.

Love is sharing without reward in mind, sharing for the sake of recognizing need and filling that need without recompense. Love is beautiful that way.


The word “share” has always implied a selfless, charitable act.


I guess the word share can be for good and bad, it becomes a fix for an addict where sharing is like a high, and it can be a drug for the stingy where they make money for the sharing, … sharing can be many things.

Shares can be also be loot from thieves, which is the bad side of sharing.

Sharing stolen property which I see as the copyright people, they didn’t come up with the song, they only recorded it, and then they deny it being played by everybody without a price being paid for hearing it.

I’m sure the artists would be offended, if they were aware of it happening. They wrote the songs to be heard for free, if they didn’t live by selling the songs.

The days of dictatorship SME, WMG, and UMG are gone, you may boss other corporations, but those days are far behind and getting harder and harder with no satisfaction in the futures. It’s like having an erection without a hole to fill it with, it’s frustrating to say the least… it makes you think of raping the world.

Youtube’s noble beginnings have been raping you as their whores, they sold a noble ideas to the corporations and they quickly made it their whores, to satisfy their greed’s desires.


Everyone who writes a song, is a thief from the vault of frequencies…


Nobody owns a song, they only stole it from the frequencies that fill this universe. They only caught the groove or melody with their spirit. It’s alive to be shared with everyone who can hear it, or not hear it. The deaf hear more than music.

They don’t hear the jingles of bling, or maybe they do… I just like to share



This is a song composed with Sonic Foundry – Acid Loops, before Sony bought them and all their software… it doesn’t sound like loops, does it, but they are, only pitch changes to get the different chords.
This was the first time I marveled at the time used to create this.


This is Mike McFee’s song on keyboard sequencer either 8 tracks or 16 tracks, I think his keyboard was 16 tracks. I’m guessing I played the pentatonic scales with the guitar track, but I don’t remember… it was before the loop craze.


Well, this sounded like a jam session Mike and I played into the wee hours of the morning… it sounded like we ran out of steam. Where we played from our Hearts… which is what Exanimo means, they say it exhausts life or destroys it too, but I read the Latin meaning “From the Heart”. They change it from what I originally read it from the dictionary in 1984.


As languages evolve, the meaning of the words changes, well I want to keep the word share as charitable, as it was formed out of love.

Where gluttony takes a backseat to sharing’s drivings… and sharing doesn’t listen to the backseat drivers.

Keep sharing ALIVE!

Don’t sell it into slavery… like they did in the 1500’s.