The history of Mazes

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The History of Mazes, Amazing Mazes, Discusses the physical realm of mazes, but I’m more interested of metaphorical realm of mazes.

 “…The purpose of these labyrinths is a matter of conjecture. Some authorities hold that they represent difficulties and intricacies that beset a Christian during his life. Another view is that they are a symbol of the entangling nature of sin…”

This is quoted from the above link, and it’s what I’m interested in. I seek to explore the hidden meanings. I’m a puzzle solver, not puzzle games, but solving a puzzle with meaning. I guess solving puzzle games, keeps your mind in shape, or it wastes your wisdom with vanity, I still haven’t decided on that one.

I find it enjoyable to play games, but time flies when you play games, and the days pass you by at lightning speed when you get older, I’d like to live with meaning to my life and not waste it with menial games. It’s addicting, as FB is figuring it out.

I’m more interested in the parallels of life that could be compared to a maze, there are many “blind alleys” to the aspects of life, that eventually lead to a dead end, unless you have the endurance and don’t give up, and find an alternative path towards your goal.
You’re goal is the exit, and the maze of your goal is filled with blind alleys, many long blind alleys make you want to give up, but you go on faith by receiving an exit, and that it exists.
Sometimes you have to break down a wall, but the question is that wall there for a reason, or do you have a right to take it down?

I’m a very ethical person, is it right? I’m always asking myself, it’s my slothful nature, that brings up these questions. Why be in a rush, lets look at the situation a little longer, haste and complacency breeds error.

If you take your time, which is running out everyday, you are bound not to make mistakes, but there is a negative side to that too, missed opportunities due to your over cautious nature. There is a fine balance between the two, observation and opportunity; watching and action.

Patience is the key, patience is laziness most times, for the lazy thinker, but most revealing for the wise individual.
Patience is not lazy for the thinker, but there is fine line from becoming lazy, and once crossed over that line it’s hard to get back for the lazy thinker, and he/she doesn’t realize that there was a line, or that he/she crossed over it.
I see the world as fulcrums weighing out the good and the bad.

There is a balance to everything, being a libra, I see it that way.
There is peace in a well balanced situation, but when too much weight is added to one side, it is drastically out of balance, and requires more weight to the other side.  Nature has a weigh in evening out the weight changes, wear a humid environment is heavier and an arid environment is lighter, and feeds the nature of different creatures.

The diversity of this planet’s life is astronomical, meaning they haven’t discovered all the species that exist on it, no matter the size. It’s maze of opportunities.

I feel like I need a youtube video, to end this so I did a search on a “maze of opportunities”
And I found this new Song from, OK Go –The Writing’s On the Wall.
It expresses what one can’t find with words, the intricacies of life’s perceptions and illusions, and the maze like quality to be found in them. A very good piece of work, I need to listen to the lyrics, I only heard it once.
You see what your perceptions are that play a role in delusions or illusions. Where you are in the right time of the perception, you are inspired. The perceptions are delusions or illusions of inspirations, both good and bad.
You need an imagination to give your inspirations meaning.