Hackers,crackers,grey hats,etc

Hackers, Crackers, Grey Hats, etc

People 217The different levels of hackers, there the good against the bad.
Hackers are good too…but they are in danger of turning bad, in the millisecond of time, they border on the good and bad. It’s hard not to be surefooted lurking in the shadows and light.

Hacking around the internet, is like exploring tight caverns, where you squeeze tight, so before you go into a cavern, do you want your hands, above or below your body?
Cause once you commit to entering, you lose the freedom of movement, and it is dark…no light.
One hacker brought that to mind, the thought that we are all in the dark, and compared it to cavern exploring, spelunking.

It brings back memories for me in the early 80’s when I was experimenting with DOS, I stated on the PC, and managed to explore the utilities that were going around back then, Norton was one of them.
Disk utilities, I learned that when you delete it, and with Norton, you can read it, as if  it was never deleted.
Once you create a file, it’s lives forever on the disk, not the file, the data. It can be retrieved from the disk for those who know how.

Thus creating another class of person, the knowledgeable class, compared to the ignorant class of people. Then they came up with the internet in the 90’s, and I always saw the danger of the internet, and whenever I said something, I was told I was being paranoid. Then after a few years all my warnings came true.
The rise of the antivirus as a business, and all the anti-paranoids, soon were paranoid… overboard paranoia, if you ask me.

Well I made it to 300 words, so my time is up.

It kept my interest, hopefully you too.