H.P. Lovecraft – At the Mountains of Madness

An Audiobook from
H.P. Lovecraft

By H.P. Lovecraft is a horror story, or thriller movie, still have work to do on it.

I looked for an audiobook that was one long one video, instead of a lot of separate chapters videos, I have problem playing separate chapters, they stop on youtube. I need to change my laptops that works with youtube, like the old days.

Anyway, here is the audiobook of “At the Mountains of Madness”.

It takes 4+ hours, to get through it, and hopefully you have the time.
I wonder if, I’m infecting the world with evil.
Well, God already did that.

Isaiah 45:7
 “I form the light, and create darkness:
I make peace, and create evil:
I the Lord do all these things”

God spends the time, either educating us, or cursing us, and or blessing us. If it’s education, then it’s cursing us wearing a veil of blessings. God said in Solomon’s prayers that the more knowledge you gain, the more weight of sorrows you carry.

Ecclesiastes 1:18
“For in much wisdom is much grief,

And he who increases knowledge, increases sorrow.”

God is as mysterious, as people believe God to be, and religions try to cage God to study, but the more they fill their egos, they grow madder and madder towards insanity, thinking they are studying God, that is caged in a small cage of their limited little desk in their minds.

Their egos are lying to them, and filling their heads with lies of containing God in a cage… which they will learn in the future, is impossible.

God is as vast as the whole universe, and God can fit in the cage, only a microscopic member of God, but God is not all that is contained, in that religion(cage).
God is as vast as the universe, that you haven’t explored yet, unless you seek God inside of yourselves.

I’ve been in a cage, since I was born into this world, and heard God when I was a kid, more than I do now… deceived by my ego’s lies… and I’ve grown cold and bitter.

Matthew 19:14
“Leave the children alone, and do not forbid them to come to Me;

for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

I woke up by God’s loving hand, when I was a small child, and then I was brought to suicidal tendencies, cause I was lied to by my ego. Which are our connection to God, there are many absolutes there, but there are also many blatant lies there too. I was amazed by their majesty, cause lies dress good, and seem important, but really they’re you, and as imperfect as you… but they are wearing masks of glory, or what they aspire to.

I just hope you see all the horrors, as well as the beauties of this life, and you don’t get forced through the sieve with the pressure, that forces you to bleed and get damaged, and losing what has made you strong.

I feel a little messiah spiritually talking through me, but I managed to defeated that liar a long time ago, and I won’t be fooled by my ego anymore… well not consciously, but there is always the unconsciousness, that is the Darkside of God.

Who knows what happens after death? I know I’ll meet my parents and relatives again, but what then, IDK… I can only guess.

God is as mysterious, as life itself. You never know what, you’re going to get.