GOP Debates -DNC debates

— GOP Debates -DNC debates —



I watched this, and I was wondering why no democratic debates?

I think it’s rigged for the attentions of the voters, it’s for sure the politicians see the voters as fools…cause they go over the same rhetoric since I was born, glorifying this sick nation as a healthy nations swallowing the same rhetoric pills they want you to swallow.

I see this country is in trouble, as long as we follow these charlatans into wars, and failed banking systems treading to keep their heads above water, building theories for the elite to stand on, like interest rates on the rise islands.

Which were not discussed in these debates, well the wars were discussed vehemently.


They’re going raise the interest rates… it’s already… I’m no money wiz, but the banks don’t offer no percentages to boast of, they haven’t since the 2008 crash. I think this is another sign of a crash that’s coming. Global crash rather than national crashes. I’m no money wiz, but I see the signs of the money wizes and they all talk of the doom and gloom of the dollar.

The euro isn’t much behind the dollar, and the recent crashes in Chinese yuan don’t say much for rise in the interest rates. It’s like the corruptions in the banking industry is reaching for the sides of the pool before they drown.

I’m no wiz.


The Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley is saying the democrats debates is rigged, they want to run it their way rather than the people’s way. The DNC is picking their talks that it should be run that does not cross their agenda, which is not being voiced to what their agenda is.

I see them as all liars, and once they get in office they all age drastically. They come in young and healthy, and they go out with stress marks. We all die.

I would make the worst president, because I would spend the first 4 years, and if I fail, then I wouldn’t run for a second term. I would give up, and accept the loser as I am… or be a dictator and take your freedoms away some more, which is what every president since I was alive did, they ran for a second term and made it worse for the American people, instead of going back to their lives.

The politicians make a living at playing games with your lives… and patting themselves on the backs of each other.

They are your entertainment like watching a Monday night football game, but they’re boring as watching CSPAN 24/7. These debates are all rigged GOP or DNC.

Remember I watched this for almost an hour, and it put me into doom and gloom mood… if these are the people I have to pick from, it’s a wonder I would have hope for this country at all… cause they all make me sick to my stomach… there are some that offer promise but they offer war as a solution, and it goes back into the flush mode.

I’m tired of flushing proud loud shit in the toilet. It stinks, and if it doesn’t stink, it’s constipated which rips you a new asshole. I sat through this, so I’m not going to apologize for the imagery of my words, it was like watching them shit and fart on the toilet bowls for an hour. They should apologize to the people of the US, for trying to get them into another failed war.