— Google Wars —


Not the main Google people, but a small elite in the google machine, seems they want to play God.
You make me not want to play.

I’m tired of the massive deceptions that you play on the populations of the world, not all google people, I’m directing this at, but there are a small group of google heads, that serve as the gateway keepers.

It seems google is going to war with their constituents, what does that solve?

Google is at war with everybody it seems, they want the top of the hill and continue to shove those down, that want the top too.

My question to Google is this, maybe the top of your hill is just another ant hill that will be crushed by the foot of the exterminator.

The question is, what if it is?


We’ll take a look of one aspect of the Google Wars, and know there are many innumerable wars, they haven’t stopped labeling their enemies.

A new war is decided everyday, they always kill the truth when they start a war, so they have free reign of the war.

Wars are in charge of the banks, they determine the opponents and they bet on both sides. They set up their banks when they conquer a nation, and their banks delivers the debt machine which pays the salaries of the bankers.

They think they deliver services, which they do, but they also enslave us with chains of debt. They charge interests rates which could be compared to usury.

Well I just want to keep this blog/rant going, and I’ve been saying the same things over and over, but I’m consistent with the truth. All the dis-info that’s littered on the world, I might be conned for a short time, but like the sun it’s only clouded from the vision for a short time.

Clear skies in the forecast.