God Creation : Earth

God’s Creation : Earth


I woke to see the human life section of this documentary on amazon prime, but nowhere is it free. They shame God, by not making it free. It’s talking about God’s grace, but they charge you for it.

I can see it paying for production of the video, but not letting it be viewed by the public is a form of censorship, in my eyes. It’s a 3 DVD  collection, and it’s well put together.

The copyright parasites make it a tainted host.

Planet Earth, Animal Kingdom, and Human Life are the 3 DVD sections, I’ve seen human life. I think I will buy the 3 DVD set. I learned there is a 6 DVD set covering the Universe too.

Volume 1: The Milky Way And Our Solar System – Journeys To The Edge Of Creation 

Space exploration is in the headlines often, yet the deepest mysteries still remain. In this volume, learn the latest discoveries of science and enjoy the stunning images of the world beyond us. The cosmic ocean of 200 billion stars, and our privileged position in the Milky Way galaxy, will inspire you.

Volume 2: Planet Earth – Sanctuary Of Life

During this unforgettable tour of our planet, hidden miracles, absolutely vital to our survival, are revealed. Like clouds, airlifting and distributing millions of tons of water each day, and seeds, those ingenious packages of life, carrying a treasury of plants, flowers and trees to new places. You will marvel at this remarkable planet we call home.

Volume 3: Thundering Earth And Roaring Waters – From The Voice Of The Deep

In Thundering Earth, you’ll travel deep into the Earth’s center, peel back its layers and gain a deeper understanding of what the Creator has placed beneath our feet. In Roaring Waters, watch staggering storms, flooding rivers, and crashing tidal waves, all giving pause to those whose lives are changed by their power.

Volume 4: Whirling Winds – True Acts Of God

You will never look at twisting tornadoes, smashing hurricanes, and torrential thunderstorms the same way again. Noted scientists deliver interesting facts such as: storms across the globe in one day generate enough power to light up the world for 20 minutes! This in-depth look at our atmosphere dispels the mysteries of weather with exciting graphics and insightful explanations.

Volume 5: Animal Kingdom – Great Are Thy Works

It has been said that the wisest of human engineers could not improve the control system found in the tail of a common squirrel. God has left His indelible signature on every member of the animal kingdom. As you view this program, you will be amazed at the mysterious migrations of the Pacific salmon and the Monarch butterfly’s annual trek from Canada to Mexico. Visit the interior of a honeycomb to learn the language of bees. Watch spiders spin webs as strong as their steel counterparts.

Volume 6: Human Life – Crown Of Creation

The well-known Greek writer, Sophocles, wrote, “Numberless are the world’s wonders, but none are more wonderful than man himself.” As you watch this program, carefully consider the unimaginable complexity and potential of the human brain, the architectural masterwork of the hand and skeletal system, and the incredible durability of a beating heart. From conception to birth, you will marvel at the magnificent provision found in the human body.

I ordered this set for $42.72 including shipping from ChristianCinema.com

I’ll write a review when I get it, it’s a very well done production by Moody institute, I wonder if they broke even in the production of it, I think it was done in 2008 and It’s now 2014, and I saw it nowhere on youtube without a fee.
What happened to sharing with grace.

Not to be confused with religions, cause religions are our creations. God’s doesn’t compare to our understanding of God, “our image” is the earliest scripture at least of the bible. It refers to God as a collective, it’s our lack of understanding of God that made him a man, through Christ.
But we got caught up with dogmas and traditions, that we never understood the message of Christ. I see it as love and truth…instead of destruction and war.

We should seek the truth inside all of us, and conquer our own demons instead of the neighbor’s demons.

I’m religious, but that’s my problem and is none of your business, I’m protected by the constitution to practice it…I know it’s a bunch of shit on paper, but it gives me faith to practice the religion I choose without recourse or rebuttal.

I know God’s spirit exists, when we compare God to our creations, it’s like trying to take the universe and locking it in a box, it can not be done.

I’ll wait for the mail.