God and Religions

— God and Religions —





Mankind was introduced to God, as a collective, God is a Spirit, but mankind wanted for God to be something they could understand and made God a singular entity.

Genesis 1:26
“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.”


God is all life, and when you condemn someone else you condemn God.

You make God a schizophrenic sicko.

To think that God needs a spokesperson from a world of misfits, anyone who is proud is a misfit. You crossed that border from pride being a benefit, to being a detriment. Pride is an emotion, that can motivate or destroy, this world has entered the destruction phase of pride.

Being a Christian, I was born into Catholicism, and was made to believe I was going to hell by the traditions of the Catholic faith at age 7 or 8. This was supposed to be a loving religion, why would you tell me I’m going to hell at such a young age, and why everybody was to pay for Adam and Eve’s sins.

God is not that dumb and cruel, like a sadist.

So I started not to believe in the God of Catholicism, at least not the way they believed in God.

God doesn’t need empty praise, God needs actions that spread love and understanding, God is pleased by that, all the empty praises is just noise, like crowd chatter.

No one listens to God, once they hear God, they don’t recognize that God is talking to them alone. You might say that about me now,  but I’m being moved to share this message with you.

Inside your spirit/soul, God lives, so you can hear God yourself.

You can hear the darkside too, cause that is a major part of God too. The Devil lives in that side, and is full of deceptions and misleadings.

Angels live in the good side of God, can also be misleading too. They make you feel good to where you grow complacent, and not be aware of what’s around you, though they claim they didn’t do it on purpose.

Angels and Demons are also God’s creations, though some of the demons claim God is our creation. They crossed the border of self importance into conceitedness, a sticky mess to get out of.

You don’t need a religion to adhere to, to know God, all you have to do is seek inside yourself.

It’s where all our ideas come from, it’s God that gave you the idea, yet you create patents and copyrights to give you the credit. Patent offices are like the hive of parasites, one is the giver of the idea, and the parasites live off that idea.

I don’t understand God, and I’m not saying that religions do or not, but God is real and is speaking to everyone alive.

It’s just what perspective you have of God. You might be looking at God’s ass where the shit comes out, or you might be looking at God’s lips that you want to kiss, it’s all in the perspective of God that you have.

Believe me, you know only a microscopic view of God, cause God is as vast as the universe.



I lamely studied religions, and it seems every religion I studied the common theme was love and morality, rather than take that commonness, we chose to take the commonness in the other direction, with hate and judgment.

Hate and judgment is the common theme in every religion too, that’s why I’m not adhering to any religion, except Christianity cause that a religion that adheres to love, though sometimes throughout history they didn’t, and turned to the sword.

Islam is a basic truth of the Spirit of God, but it was taken over by the vipers and liars to serve their purpose of power, as with the Christians, Jews, and the numerous other various religions trying to explain God.

God is what we should always be seeking, but never captivate God in a simple understanding and impose it on another person, as that’s all there is of God.

That makes you a tyrant.

Churches, temples, mosques, synagogues should be museums of our first introductions to God, they should be honored, but not forgotten… we can reminisce on that, how much we didn’t know of God, and the future of what we will learn of God, and know that we will never know of God fully.

Cause there is no end to God, there are lifeforms in the universe that we couldn’t imagine, and situations that would boggle the mind. I can speak of the heavens, from speculations of the data that we received from NASA, but knowing the data doesn’t make you an expert.

Seeking the data, makes you an expert… seek the data you have on God, cause so much has been lost in the empty praises.

“God” should get the label as any other word in the English, cause God is considered Spam in the search engines. The SEO requisites should be looked at… that is directed at Google.

God is what I choose to refer to God, rather than he, cause I see God as God, it’s obvious that he and she is a misrepresentation of God, almost an offensive insult, if you ask me, look at all the religions raising terror as a sacrament, when they should be spreading love.

The deification of Jesus by the Catholic church, when he was the closest thing to God that they compared to the flesh and worldly, but they forgot his teachings when they fed on the pride of human existence. Spanish Inquisitions, the Crusades, Gladiators and all that.

They quickly forgot that Jesus went to the cross, instead of fight, and the world got his message.

Nothing changes with violence, only for the worst, does it change.

Science is a religion, along with politics as a religion too, it’s our interpretations of God. One is order and one is social. There is much more to God, that I can’t explain or imagine.

I’m not a science nut, but science is a part of God.

All blessings in your search for God!



I didn’t expect the Islamic plug at the end of this video, I’m sorry, I don’t plug any religion, mankind created that.

All religions are speculations of God, and we know about the speculations, but not of God.Islam is filled with speculations too, as all religions have the partial truths, but the true religion is the one in your heart.

The Jews knew of the roundness of the Earth long before it was proven, and Christians sought the truth over the lies, mainly that “God was spirit”.

You, fellowship with the world, but you don’t have ally with the world, when it goes against what you feel in your heart.

God doesn’t judge you for being a failure, but it’s failures that pave the way to success. God is as vast as the universe and more, so much more that we can’t even imagine.