Genome Editing with CRISPR

— Genome Editing with CRISPR: Games of God —



Since they discovered DNA and the human genome editing, they’ve proved the innocent were innocent, and were freed from the jails. It started out to be a noble cause, but you’re forgetting mankind is corruptible to the core. Give him the power, and mankind is corruptible through that power.

It talked of DNA editing being in the hands of the rich and powerful, but that’s always the case, and always has been the case. Rich and powerful makes the changes in the world, that is for a time being before they’re weeded out of that power for some scandal that destroys them.

CRISPR is an editing program that puts the power of the divine in the common humanity’s hands. “Power corrupts” is all I have to say, and the games we play, is a sign of that corruption.




With the CRISPR program we play God with our children and their children’s children. I fear the first corruptible mistake that needs to be forgiven. All I see is judgment, a very corruptible judgment. Corruptible deemed on the innocent, where forgiveness and repentance are absent.

Proud humans going on through this world voicing their pride, no matter how wrong it is. Pride is like a blinder you put on a horse for a parade. It covers their eyes from the crowds. It blinds them to reach their agenda.

The genome project  works when it is pure and innocent in its goals, but a tyrannical monster when it’s not. The corruptions multiply exponentially to keep its power.

No one likes to give up their corruptive power, cause all they’re left with is shame to replace that power.




Think about it, and look at the world today. You have too many people judging the others, all in the name of God. God can do the judging without the Allahu Akbar cheering, or the praise the Lord cheers too. They’re just empty praises to God.

God created the human genome in the first place.

Such an intricate creation born out of the dust of the earth, only to return the dust of the earth… that is unless, we learn to reach immortality.

That’s a dangerous road ahead through this corruptible forest of greed, and the poisonous fruits that kill our egos. Narcissism is the big fruit that you should fear, cause once you eat it, you’re blinded by pride.

Open your eyes and focus on what’s going on in the world today. So much emotional drama to mislead you, or motivate you. You know the truth, or you think you know the truth, but every truth is a disappointment or a high.

It all depends on the perspective of that truth. The cat sees the mouse as its next meal, where the mouse sees the cat as its fear to survive. We all see the truth from our perspective.

DNA is genome editing at its core. God must’ve believed it was a good thing once, before mankind discovered it.

Embellishments of that truth is where the corruptible mistakes are born, and infects the process of understanding. Well, I’ll wish you a safe road to immortality, but I’d be lying… I’m a realist.