The Frozen River the view from the River

— Frozen River: Views from Under the Ice of Reality —

frozen river


Life is like a frozen river in my life. The coldness of life, in today’s world leaves hopeless views. When you are bothered by people to accept their ways, when you’re totally against their ways. It gets depressing to say the least.

I’m all for celebrating, but the need for alcohol to be happy. I drink, so I’m not a puritan, but I stop drinking when I get a buzz. I feel better in the morning.


The pushing of alcohol is the destructive nature of mankind, and the dead weak litter the streets after the constant celebrations of alcoholism.

If I never see another beer commercial, then I’ll be happy.


Then there is the frozen nature of economic progress. It feeds the chill of nature’s corruption and economic progress, which can be compared to a glacier. Moving so slowly from all the bureaucratic red tape of politics. Politicians ski around the ice chunks with lies and sweet talking phrases.

The hopelessness of the views from under the ice of the frozen river of life. It can be compared to the hermit’s life style, and his way of critical thinking about the world. Which I’m doing right now.

I watched the news for almost 60 years, minus the early years of my childhood. When I watch the news, I’m left with the emptiness they convey.

I feel empty and mad every time. Mad, because I see their ignorant stupidity, but they are ignorant, which makes them happy.

I feel hopeless, cause I don’t want to rain on their parade. I’m under the ice, so I can’t rain on their parade. Slowly drowning from the weight of the cold cold world.



The Coldness of the Frozen River of Life


Being a hermit in the eyes of others, cause I like my solitude. I’m not a die hard hermit like the Uni-bomber, but my loneliness gives me certain critical views. This blog is like a pacifier, where I vent with the world to stay sane.

I try to make sense of the world, that leaves me hopeless. I’m not the extreme hermit you imagine, but I do enjoy company with people who think like me.


I hate organized religion. They are the cracks in the thin ice. I see them distort the word of God in their preaching.

The word of God is every spiritual writing, but never should it be a wall that we can’t get over. Which every organized religion makes up to be their maze, that we go through to understand.

I’m a free spirit, which is the only true religion. I’m not against the organized religions, but their stubborn views are the cracks in the thin ice.

Be warned of the thin ice. The cracks distort the views.


When I look up through the thin ice, and see someone jumping up and down and falling through to their death, it makes me sad. I would like more power to make them see the world from my point of view, but all I have is this blog, and it’s depressing to say the least. It has its moments, but they’re far from removed when no one reads it.



The Conclusion of Under the Frozen River Views


This thought of mentioning the views of solitude from under the frozen river of life, was exponential at first, but I guess I fizzled out, and made it more than anyone could chew, including myself.

You have to be a critical thinker to get through this tedious reading. But hopefully you are with God, and God will guide from the delusions, and keep you safe.

Delusions are born from misunderstandings. Which organized religions excel under.

Misunderstandings, are what organized religions propagate in their ignorant preachings. They don’t know God, when God is Spirit. They talk like God is flesh, and every time God sent someone into this world, we killed him/her for sacrilegious reasons.

Religions are like schools, education is constant growing towards the light of true understanding.


I‘m at that point of hopelessness again, but I trudge on with faith. That is all that any of us can do.

Hopefully you don’t take me too seriously, I’m just venting. You can take my deep thoughts, and if anything positive grows, then all the blessings to you.

God is the ice I look through, and God is in you too. God is the water and everything else in this life. We distort God in our sins, which makes God mad for eons of time. God’s tired of you not getting the point…or maybe I’m just getting tired of you not getting the point.

I like to believe it’s the both of us… I wonder, if I get the point.