Free Energy

Free Energy

Nikolas Tesla came up with AC, the current system of things electrical, and he had an idea of free energy, one that he never saw come to fruition, but there are many smart minds around the world that are growing tired of the elite locking away the patents.

The following video is talking about the QEG (quantum energy generator).

Google “QEG scam” to find the naysayers and doubters of the vision by Tesla, which I find very credible. There are a lot of charlatans looking for donations for doing nothing, but throwing the BS on the fields of humanity. Conning people is a lot of work.

I’m more interested in the vision of Tesla, than the con… The thought of free energy is a con in itself, the idea is like a carrot on a stick, a baited thought that could be used to mislead or enlighten. It just depends on who holds the baited idea, it doesn’t mean the idea is false.

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I saw a thing with a computer fan lighting a light bulb, some guy exposed it as a fake, I’m glad he did, I was fooled by the charlatans, but I believe in free energy as a human right, like the air that we breathe, or the water that we drink.

It’s not getting into cold fusion, with the resources of water that cover our planet and makeup a large portion of our bodies. The following video covers cold fusion another suppressed technology that offers free energy. I think it was Jules Verne that said, that water would replace coal as our fuel source.


“Yes my friends, I believe that water will one day be employed as fuel, that hydrogen and oxygen which constitute it, used singly or together, will furnish an inexhaustible source of heat and light, of an intensity of which coal is not capable…. When the deposits of coal are exhausted we shall heat and warm ourselves with water. Water will be the coal of the future.”

—Jules Verne, The Mysterious Island (1874-5)



The thought of free energy from cold fusion, the thought of fusion occurring at room temperature is diabolical to say the least, it gives the thought of free power to the people, where they could power their homes with heat and electricity, so they can stay off the grid.

The makers of the NWO(New World Order) is fearing it’s creation, because they try to discredit it with disinformation, and try to instill doubt in the minds of the people. It raises the individualism principle over the social stickiness of the web collective principle, it assumes we all the same…and you know what comes from assumptions, errors and untruths, and wars and disagreements.

Individualism is a basic makeup of the human condition, when you take it away, we are no longer unique and beautiful, our life becomes controlled through consumerism and predicted with polls, which are statistics dictating our actions. We are no longer free…when we are dictated of our future.

When we are brainwashed with TV speaking polls dictating to the weak minded, it creates order like a machine, but we are our own machines, and should be free to choose our own paths through education of the truth… so that our free will is not caged with bars of polls, we fought for our freedom, and we should fight on for our freedom, not like terrorists, but peaceably with words, exposing the doublespeak hypocrisy of lawyers, when a lawyer speaks so that mankind can understand him, we will be free.

So the free will principle, is murdered with polls and the prophetic nature of the polls that dictate our future. We are part of the machine, we are not the fuel in the lines being guided by numbers. If you are a “Matrix” nut, you know the analogy of what I’m speaking, we are from our free will able to clog the line when we see a wrong that will waste the other lives… much like our right to protest.

I’m one for free energy, and a way to sustain it, is not feeding the greed principle through the capitalism straw called patents. I see it as “love” as the principal that we spend, we have to define love in a way that we all agree on for it to work.

Love is not looking for it’s own reward, in my book. Which wipes out modern day capitalism, though their is a logic principle that capitalism encapsulates, that will remain without it being destroyed. The misappropriation of resources for that power to be in the hands at the expense of society, rather than the public, the common people, will be no more.

I feel like I’m making a speech, I’m not running for office, but I’m trying to articulate, so you can understand the basic principle of love, that has a lot of growing to do, for you to understand it.

I’ve been trying to figure it out love my whole life, and I feel like it is running away from me. The more I try to understand it, the more I’m left confused.

They say you have to give it, before you can take it, that has been my problem. I look to capture it, and sell it as a commodity, which is the opposite of love.

Love is so overpowering that you lose control of your actions, it is the most powerful force on this planet, love is the deciding factor between life and death. Think about it.

Where love is, there is life or death, preferably new life, cause death is the old life leaving the planet.

Tesla hopefully is still inventing things that will be a better world, in an indirect way, with his ideas and drawings, as well as numerous inventors alike that made other patents, which is the only good thing about patents the drawings and ideas documented for future reference.

The bad thing of patents they are the hive of parasites, that feed off of inventors ideas, and claim ownership. I didn’t know you can claim ownership of an idea, it sounds like a ego problem.


 I am a Tesla fan, he had the vision, but never saw his vision come to fruition, zero point energy, but it was Einstein’s and Stern’s reformation of Planck’s formula.


The thought of the Quantum Field Theory just boggles my mind, it’s the most difficult of theories to understand of physics according to Edward Witten

I feel dumb to marvel at these great minds, they’re people like me and you, but their minds tackled the things that we avoid, but that’s my ego problem…we all have ego problems.

We have to overcome your egos to step up to the next level…when you move to next level you learn new things about your ego, that you have to overcome again. I’d like a level where you don’t fight with your ego, like Job wrestling with himself, my guess it was his ego that he was wrestling with. The biggest disinformation that I saw passed with FB(Facebook), was the mass suicides of the ego, that cult belief went to far.

You ego is the power supply of your body, at least the cognitive energy part, your ability to maintain your individuality…to think freely.

I guess you can drink the kool aid and die, but I look to defend the ego from the self massacres through this disinformation campaign.

There are a lot of scams that cover this free energy subject too, but there are a lot of truths too, that need to be guarded from assumptions.

Research is the guard from assumptions, I know it’s easier to assume, but assumptions is riddled with errors.

Good research ahead for 2015.