FMRI or Intuition : Needs to be Seen or Felt

— FMRI or Intuition : Needs to be Seen or Felt —


I seen this video by Jason Silva where, he made me look up the meaning of FMRI. Which is a MRI technology, but looking at blood flow to the brain. Thus creating a map of brain activity, which leads to many false positive speculations.



He talked about brain coupling, so I decided to see about brain coupling too. Without all the hype of brain coupling which distorts the message of brain coupling. Taking out the wet emotions of brain coupling, and looking at the dry reasoning of the facts. I get more understanding from that.

This is the video Jason Silva spoke of, at least I suspect it is.




I find it interesting. I always found the brain interesting. The moment I learned we are only using 10% of our brain. About 40 years ago when I was in the USAF. I spent all my free evenings in the library looking up all the data on the brain.

Languages always amazed me too. I couldn’t retain the Spanish I learned in High School. In fact, when I went to the UK, there were people that knew a minimum of 2-4 languages as a second nature.

I was amazed when I coupled with the multilingualists in college. I didn’t understand them, but I felt comfortable around them. They might have been insulting me… but I felt I was insulted by friends. The normal ribbing interaction between friends.


I deem brain coupling as a connection that is close and personal. Two people or more, connecting on a more personal level. Your minds on the same wavelength. You can finish the other’s sentences… maybe not that personal, but close.

At least, a very understanding conversation, that leaves you feeling good.