Feather in the Wind… What is space?

Feather in the Wind… what is space?



Gossip is a way of messing up space, and space is to be pure without garbage getting in the way.
Falsehoods and other things bring error to the picture, and to gather back up all the falsehoods that you’re told is a big headache in the future.
So deal with real space and time, it’s much more logical, not the assumptions of your neighbors which is a dangerous road, it’s bound to piss someone off.


The next video will deal with real space, and talk of Einstein’s theories of space and time.

We will look at Einstein’s theory of space/time, Einstein’s view as dynamic where Newton’s view was passive. The next video, if you don’t understand the theory, then you will at the end, or not, I understood it, and I’m dumb.

This is something that illustrates Einstein’s theories in a way the dumb understands.

If you find the dumb as offensive, then the mentally challenged, it’s like math gives you headaches, but others excel in it.

Einstein excelled in math, but his imagination is what raised him further. This is the illustration of his imagination, be it there is assumptions that give birth to theories that have to be proved to be the truth.


It gave me understanding to the space/time theory, I have many assumptions that could be outright lies, but something to think about.

Then to explore the Higgs theory of particles, and the assumption of the Higgs field, whether the Higgs field is real or not, it’s an assumption or speculation, it’s something to think about. We need a clearer picture of the Higgs field, if it exists.

I know they want to seek the secret of creation, but the road to that is filled with deceptions that we must go through, wrestling with the mysterious entanglements of matter and space/time.

This was a good documentary, it sparked your imaginations, but also your assumptions… remember your imaginations are either deceptive or full of truth; it’s a whirlpool of spinning energy, either pulling us down, or setting us off into a trance.

Sometimes I feel like a feather in the wind.