“FB Likes” what does that tell you?

— “FB Likes” what does that tell you? .—


like-371969_640I liked  a bunch of things, because I wanted to let them know I saw it. It doesn’t witness of my true character. I have off the wall views of my political views too, I’m dead set against Fascism/Corporatism, at least the way it’s displayed on FB, and the propaganda that is on FB today, it’s educating to say the least.

But what way, the truth or the lies?

I had friends before I joined FB, and FB made them acquaintances at best, I’m antisocial at best..

I understand the need of a free market and its development, but it doesn’t need to be in politics, they don’t let religions in politics, and corporations are like religions. They serve the profit God, and they look to make you serve the profit God too. Religions look to recruit you to serve the prophets God, so what’s the difference. Jesus said you cannot serve mammon(money) and God.

This is a catch22 situation, you’re dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t. It’s the justification of indifference.

Corporations look to control the Govt, and are in bed with all aspects of the Govt. What if I said that I would not participate in this orgy?

The corruptions are rampant in the corporations of today and they bleed into the govt structures, and that’s why I’m against Fascism.

I’m not so against corporations, but when they try to run the world with the designs of a NWO propagated by the ideology of order, sometimes dictatorial order, or bought order, rather than a true order.

Well, the fact that corporations want to view your FB profile, to see if they want to hire you.

I saw on the local news tonight that they were doing that. I thought I saw a similar story a couple of years ago, so I did a couple of searches with Bing and Google, and it’s been going on, since 2006 was the earliest story I found.

It seems about every 2 years it rises up again in the news, the the FB profiles searches as a review of job searches requirements.

I see only fools making a judgment of fools based on FB profiles. Remember why you joined FB in the first place. To take a break from the stress of the real world.

It was to look at a friend’s pics of their trip to Paris for me.