Fantasies : Delusional Cages

— Fantasies : Delusional Cages —


Fantasies are either delusional cages like prison cells locking you away from the world, or are creative freedoms to do your work, like a writer.

We fantasize everyday, it’s the workplace of imaginations. Everyone does it, whether it’s conversations in front of the mirror, or dreams that we can’t control, well some claim that they control them, but I don’t know how… you don’t control a nightmare.

It can be either a prison, or a vacation, if it’s delusional, then it’s a prison, if it’s beneficial to all, then it’s, a well deserved vacation. It’s either creative freedoms, or delusional prison cells.

Well, I’ve been living in the prison cells, and every once in awhile, I get out on a parole break, where it becomes a vacation.



Fantasies entail everything in life from economic theories, political elections, everything down to sexual fantasies.


Political Fantasies

Political debaters are living in their fantasies too, especially those who put on the debates, CNN and CNBC, and whoever is next in line for the spotlight. I think it’s FOX news. Why would they claim copyright on the debates, it’s a public service. What kind of fantasies look to the world for protection… I thought what goes on in your mind, is already protected.

With the scientific progress exploring the brains neurons and the firing between them, with the conjectures we have a whole slew of assumptions to weed through. We have a whole new witch trials historical epic to take up a couple of centuries of our time.

Nothing is private anymore!


Destructive Fantasies

I‘ve been thinking of this subject for the last few days, and I’ve come up with that you can’t escape your thoughts, which was the first video’s message. You can’t escape/quench your fantasies. If they are quenched, then you escape their reward, cause the fire that they spread, is no more in your mind.

The ashes of your destructive properties is blown away, but they stay in the world, only blown onto another’s property. The temporal features of the human mind, these fantasies leave memories that you confuse with reality’s memories. Which is the real case of the rapist, he confuses his love with the act of rape, and doesn’t understand why no one recognizes his love.

It’s probably the cruel acts that blind them, and causes judgments that exclude the real love, and leaves only the lust in the forefront of their minds. Lust is confused with love, lust is selfish, and love is generous.

Fantasies are the imaginative workhouses where we produce our actions. Fantasies are our thoughts in bettering ourselves, or in degrading ourselves.


Self Righteous Fantasies

You can praise yourself, or you can condemn yourself, but you’re here to work out your end. Freedom is the right to pursue that end, and many of this world, are quickly condemned to not have a home, and take the status of refugee through the wars that they are trying to escape.

There are many who claim the status of refugee, they’re looking for a home that was destroyed by the dictators, religious zealots producing terror, and claiming God directs them. God may be capable, but God is most merciful, and doesn’t give them the rights to take away another’s rights.

Judge yourself, that is what Jesus taught… ooops I’m becoming a zealot. That’s my fantasy, of a self righteous zealot.

I’ll digress into my turtle shell of safety, and I’ll close with another song…




Delusional Fantasies

Modern Delusional Fantasy is a poem of Greed’s fantasies, talks of greed as a demon that leads the people of the world. It was a good read of the reality in a poem, the world is hell incarnate, or it’s heaven. It depends on your views of the world.

I’ll close with another song and you can fantasize about whatever you want, it’s a savage world, and a civilized world all the same, which makes it a living hell sometimes.

Think of heavenly things!