“False Freedom Isn’t Free”

— False Freedom Isn’t Free —

I understand freedom is not free, when it’s a false freedom, delusional living in it’s own world freedom being fed trinkets of freedom by consumerism to fortify the delusion.

We pay taxes to the federal govt, and in turn they start wars for us to die in… we all are conned with the patriotic spirit, well the Germans had that spirit when they followed Hitler, but when they were defeated, it was surely hard to swallow that they were wrong.

I understand that we fight wars for freedom, but we were bought out of our freedom by the central banks, they fund both sides in the wars, so they are not the losers. The days of local banks and building and loan houses went the way of the wayside, where the local money fed the local projects, now it’s the lowest bidder wins the contract, no matter where they are, they could be in another state.


This is a scene from “It’s a Wonderful Life “

This video is a slice of reality with Mr Potter, is the central banking institution, and George Bailey is the hometown bank… I see the central banks bloodline as unfeeling, where the local banks is the fuel line of change…the true change.


They fund the local projects for a change and take part in the community functions, not to be overly social, but they are a part of the community.

Like in the days before computers started telling us what to do, ” I’m sorry sir but that’s not what my computer says“, the fact that I paid it, and the computer doesn’t register it, I paid the money. So after weeks it seems we found where the money went, I paid a credit card that was changed and was no longer valid, so what I paid was still there and didn’t go into someone else’s pocket. It should’ve been added automatically, but that would’ve require a line of code or a couple of lines of code.

Incompetency is on the rise in the world as computers take over every social aspect of our lives, with social networking sites, twitter attention span that don’t require you to think… I don’t know about you, but I like to think. I won’t join twitter for that reason, I tried to join a couple of times, but due to errors my membership didn’t go through.

So, I’m not a twit, I’m more of a verbose bore.

This thing that Obama said that “Freedom isn’t free”, is also on a war memorial for the Korean War, what were you fighting for, cause Korea isn’t free, they are still at war with themselves. Dictators in the North, and consumerism in the South, I don’t see any freedom there, cause I see the chains of corruption on both sides.


 It reminds me of an old movie “Christmas Carol” with Alistair Sim where he finds out that he can change the future with love, as the principal he spends.


True freedom is born out of truth and love, and I’ll die defending that freedom…but I shouldn’t have to, cause why do they call it freedom, if it isn’t free.

The classic doublethink George Orwell spoke of in his book 1984, two contradictory statements that confuses you, but you accept them, cause everyone else accepts them.

I won’t accept that statement, cause it’s the classic doublethink statement, and gives the power to the govt to start more wars, for peace, but nowhere is peace. It just sets up for the next war to take place. We forget our pride’s mistakes and start another senseless war with patriotic or nationalist fervor, and history repeats itself again.

Do I have to say it again, war is senseless, it is no longer the defensive act to protect the people, it’s turned into a business dealing with trillions of dollars.

War is a crime, no longer war crimes dictate our future, but looking to start a war through banking and funding is a crime, and all who take part is guilty of this crime.

I’m so arrogant I’ve made it a law, and wish everyone would follow it. Notice I didn’t say you couldn’t do it, but I wish you wouldn’t. I left you with the freedom, and that wasn’t free for me, I spent a lot of humbleness in that transaction.

The love of the weak minded, is the wealth of the world…that’s why they inherit the earth.