Do you ever feel?

Do you ever Feel like the whole world is against you?

 I went through a rage today, as I do everyday. I’ve been looking for a maid, one that will come and do my floors at least…and everything else was going wrong, the fan in the greenhouse was squealing, we tightened the belt it was good for a couple of days, but now it’s squealing again. I went to the supermarket, and the AC was blowing warm air, and I charged it about a month ago, so there must be a leak.

The rest of the world is falling apart, it’s part of my life, unless I want to bask in ignorance, it is bliss as they say, but I’m happy playing the Good Brahmin. I’d rather suffer for knowing of the truth, than be blissfully ignorant.

I just need an anger management course too.

The world’s wars and suffering plays a part of my life too, it wears me out, going through all the news stories sifting between the lies and the truths. Sifting between the editorials and the facts, and try to make up my own opinion, and come to my own conclusion.

When that happens, I’ll try to tell you about it, but I seek the truth in all its raw forms, no matter what the hurt that it brings.
If I know the truth then I can restore the healing from the hurt, but if I’m ignorant then I don’t know what to do, and need another person to do it for me to get the healing.

I joined Prime on Amazon, and they always sent it to me in 2 days when I ordered a Prime product, I just ordered AC recharging kit and a Super Seal, they say I would receive it by Wednesday August 6th, and the Super Seal I wouldn’t receive no later than the 7th.
I think I have to read the Prime directives again, cause I didn’t complain they think they can make a mockery of me.

I’m tired of fighting the world


I like this version of Fleetwood Mac’s(Peter Green) song by the Rockets, I first heard it by the Rockets, but I learned it was written by Peter Green in the 60’s. I fell in love with this song, after I heard it in 1979.

I’m tired of living in this world, no matter what I do or say, I don’t get the respect I deserve. What I say is met with prejudice at every corner, or what I do is met with prejudice too. So I was browsing youtube for someone who had the same views as me, he was tired too.

I take that back, I don’t believe in vaccinations.

This is turning into a rant, where I go off on whatever gets my goat, but not my lamb.

I’m growing physically tired and need some sleep, so I want to say good night, maybe the next morning is a little more positive.