EU The Stink is PU

— EU The Stink is PU —


EU the stink is PU according to

A brief history of the EU from the end of World War Two to the present.


It’s an economic war.

You started it, I’m just practicing my freedom of speech, where you cross your borders infecting the ignorant claiming their ignorance as yours, but not in the future, the tables turn.

I understand your problems, the only thing is, I can’t fix it.

It’s like asking me to fix what never worked at all, cause you try to start a combustible engine with water, and hope people will believe you, that it works. Well it does work, in another world maybe, but not here and with your motivations and philosophical ideas, where you prioritize the wrong things and in the wrong order.

Well… these are my suspicions, it’s not concrete.



This move by Greece is only a portion of the masses, there is a tidal wave that follows. It’s the foam on top of the first wave.

There is an ocean to follow, with all forms of marine life that want justice.

The EU is not an elected parliament/congress it is self appointed lobbyists, leaning towards profits rather than the people. The classic fascism, if let to grow wildly. I learned it from this video, which is a well filmed and researched by Peter Vlemmix



The EU is a nominal model of the US politics, not very original, well the US is not very original either, where they determined to need a congress modeled after the UK’s Parliament. It’s like watching a dying fish flopping around outside of the water, it’s another side of politics, just a different fish.


European elections: How it works?


Well, I’ve had enough of Europe tonight, it’s another side of humanity vying for power over the world.

With the differences in politics, as vast as the populations of races, that no one agrees on, and all claiming to be right, making tensions the things we can agree on, I’ll leave you with this point, I have no point.

That we can agree on. I learned the EU, is as just as lost as the US.