Drones and Patent Trolls

— Drones and Patent Trolls —


We kill our own, in drone strikes in January, and we find out about it 3 months later.

No one is killed with precise drone strikes, but the terrorists. What about the hostages, or innocent children standing nearby?

I’m dead set against drone strikes, making killing like playing a video game, is more destructive to the soul of humanity.

Making us monsters, for the sake of comfort and laziness, some say security achieved by cowards, who would rather kill by the sniper mentality, instead of facing their fears head on. They would like to pick off their fears, like in shooting gallery to gain a medal, what does that medal gain you in the end. It doesn’t lift your pride to heaven and save you, all that murder you caused, will be your epitaph.



Let’s get that bad news out of the way, before we attack the patent trolls, that have nothing better to do, but clog up the court systems with their extortioner practices. They don’t invent things, they just buy the patents on very vague items, leaving them room to bring charges against real inventors.

There is so much corruption in the world, and the trolls lock on everything that could bring in the profits.

I’ve been a long time advocate of patent reform, it’s a parasitic hive that doesn’t produce any honey, it produces a lot of corruption though, and corruption could be compared to sewer water, the water’s there, it’s only contaminated.

Well, I’ll let John Oliver tell you about that, he makes a good point.