I drew this CD cover in 1996.

CD Cover - Prophetic or not


This was a Scary CD Cover

I drew this before I left NY in 1996, it was a CD cover I was doing, it scared me by the imagery.

After 9/11, I see our liberties, and I drew another picture that had the same imagery before 9/11 too.

The photos of drawings, seems somewhat mystical, and after the transfer of domains debacle, I’m ready to give up or surrender to, the only thing is, who do I surrender to, cause I feel I’m not wrong.

There are certain individuals, that deserve my deepest apologies, not from my deliberate wrongs, but misunderstandings, which I don’t feel 100% responsible for.

These are imaginings in my mind, the saying a picture is worth a thousand words, more like a thousand imaginings is the proper wording.

I came up with the rock guitar with the rocks I gathered on my trip to AK in 94 or not, they look like polished stones, I remember arranging on the table to resemble a guitar and took a picture, I did that in NY.

My mind has lost a lot of vigor since the stroke I had in September 2004, but I don’t know if I’m imagining or prefabbing memories, but I believe with my heart and mind, that I’m telling the truth.

I’ve already said too much, but the date on the file was 4/21/1996…that’s the truth…I should just let the picture talk and not distort it in my mind, or yours with my words.
See ya later

The painter turns a poem into a painting; the musician sets a picture to music.”
— Robert A. Schumann


Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted in spite of your changing moods
— C.S. Lewis

An artist remembers unconsciously in his art what mankind has forgotten in its soul.