Democracy 101

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Democracy eats itself, has always stayed with me when I heard it.
Like a pile of bodies that resemble a blob, it implodes on itself getting smaller like a star dying before it’s a super nova.
These theories are only theories, not fact.

I look at democracy to make it better, democracy is open and porous to corruption, and once corruption gets in the pores of democracy, it’s a nightmare to get out.
Corruption likes to hide, and adheres to the basic principles of democracy like a mold, it multiplies to make more corruption, growing like a mold, changing the purity of principle to serve the corporations that fund the candidates.

Democracy should be free, as a priority, and not bought and sold… which is what we have today, there are so many hidden agendas, and when you uncover them, you are locked into a paranoid nut syndrome.
I’ll live with the burden of being a nut, cause it might not be true to the extreme that I see it, but because I mention it, you won’t be surprised or blindly led.
There is so much to say about Democracy, but I don’t want to get long winded… I bore myself.