Death Tolls : Palestinians 788 Israel 32

Death Tolls : The Score





788 Palestinians and Israel has lost 32 soldiers, the score is worse than the Israeli defense tactic, they are murdering innocence. It’s not defense when they have become murderers on the loose.

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They cause extinction for the Palestinians, they create another race that goes through a holocaust.

They justify it by their story of the holocaust they went through, what makes it right that they dish it out?


This is the score, I don’t think it is a game, but the Arabs and The Jews play futbol. The score is so unfair, it’s a murder genocide of the Palestinians. Which of course many are getting a high from, as this video shows.


It’s about land, as the speaker from the video said. Land is the treasure, everyone wants. Rather than be grateful for the land, and share it with gratefulness.
No one owns the land, it’s only a temporary home, cause when we die it goes away. Native Americans knew this, and the philosophy of the native culture was sharing, until the sharing of those people was abused by our ownership culture.

We stole the land, like the Zionists stole the land from the Palestinians…well Zionists aren’t religious people, but they take the land claiming that God gave them the land. Zionists are not to be equated with Jews, they are a political party, they hold no Jewish religion…which from what I understand it’s a business decision, and we all know businesses are filled with corruptions, not all businesses, but there are a few filled with corruption like a cesspool in a crystal clear lake.

We will look at the ex-IDF soldiers confessing their wrongdoings.




What goes on in Gaza from a few days ago, it interviews Mads Gilbert the doctor who wrote the letter to the world, talking of the lack of resources to treat the patients. He says humanitarian breaks are what they need, to open the borders and stop the shelling.

It’s a sick world when we refuse to see our wrongs.



This is the close of this rant, I know there are many conscientious Israelis, but they don’t get involved with politics, though the many refuseniks is a sign there are sane people in Israel, not all the Israelis are radical terrorists. That’s a little ribbing amongst all this death and destruction.

I’ll close with some holocaust survivor giving his advice.

Here is a Holocaust survivor giving his testimony: