Death Penalty or Not

— Death Penalty or Not —


The death penalty should be revoked, cause it’s just justifying murder, but by the authorities.

No matter what it costs the tax payers, you could save the cost by releasing all the pot heads in jail for a crime that’s only harming themselves.

Whatever it costs to realize that you killed an innocent man, cause a lot of innocent people live on death row, many have been saved by DNA test results that prove them innocent, but a few weren’t so lucky.

Death penalty screw ups, is a sad mistake that you can’t right anymore.



With the many of mistakes in the US justice system, if the person wants to die, then make him/her live.

It would be justice to the core, it would be cruel and unusual punishment too.

If the person committed barbarian acts with no remorse, then I would be for cruel and unusual punishment, I would make it a point to change their minds, since they want a game to play on society, lets give them a game that they can’t win.

Like a horse that needs to be broken, you ride them to be broken, it’s not cruel and unusual punishment for the horse.

Everyone can be broken. They broke someone else’s life, so it would not be cruel to break their lives, it would be justice to the ultimate degree.

Killing them would be the cowards way out, and it wouldn’t do anyone any good. The good will come when you break their not remorseful spirit, and make them remorseful. That’s my solution, as imperfect as it is, but I don’t know all the facts.

There are many justices involved, but I do know the human soul, and I know that everyone can be broken with despair, it’s only measured by degrees of despair, some break at the least of despair, and the proud can go on and on till they break without warning, with little aftershocks like an earthquake.

That’s my raising remorse methods, if they are innocent, then this would be cruel and unusual punishment, but you would at least be alive. I wouldn’t do it myself, so I don’t know where I get off on this power trip, it shows that power corrupts.

I would rather spend the bucks to keep them alive, cause all mankind is innocent, it just that human nature is imperfect and sinful.

 “Using conservative rough projections, the Commission estimates the annual costs of the present system ($137 million per year), the present system after implementation of the reforms … ($232.7 million per year) … and a system which imposes a maximum penalty of lifetime incarceration instead of the death penalty ($11.5 million).”

It’s cheaper to imprison them for life than to kill them… if they imprison them on death row, and the average lifespan of death row inmates is 9 years … do the math 9X137= 1233 million($1.2 billion), or 9X232=2088 million($2.1 billion), if they were imprisoned in a regular life in prison mode, if they lived 50 years in prison the cost would be $575 million, so it would be cheaper to imprison them for life, than to kill them.

So when you see the barbarism of the IS(Daesh) cutting off the heads, think about your own murders through capital punishment, and ask you what’s different from them defending their way of life, and you defending your way of life. It sickens me, either side.

Who made you God?